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The Department of Anthropology at the University of Rochester specializes in sociocultural anthropology, with faculty who have lived and worked with people in rural and urban communities around the world, including Papua New Guinea, China, South Korea, the Philippines, Rwanda, Israel, Honduras, and the U.S. Our collective expertise encompasses classical anthropological questions regarding family and kinship, myth and ritual, ethnicity and race, gender and sexuality, capitalism and exchange, as well as contemporary preoccupations with food, environment, law and human rights, global religions, and science and technology.

The undergraduate program provides foundational courses in social theory and fieldwork methodology, with a strong emphasis on critical thinking and cross-cultural understanding. Many of the courses in the department involve “hands-on” research, training students in interviewing techniques, team research, data analysis, and in presenting one’s findings to an audience. Together with the knowledge gained about the range of diversity and commonality in human cultures, these research skills prepare students to cope with the economic, political, and social issues of a rapidly changing, globalized world. The department offers the B.A. degree and the B.A. degree with honors. Students may also minor in Anthropology. Requirements for the major, minor, and clusters are available on the Undergraduate Program page.

How I Discovered My Passion for Anthropology by Jamie Rudd (Class of 2017)