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The Honors Program is for students who wish to deepen their concentration in anthropology through an extra 12 credits of research and coursework. Application to the honors program should be made during the junior year. Students must complete: 1) a substantial research project (a minimum of 4 credits of Honors Research) and 2) 8 credits of further coursework (as described below). Research projects may involve archival, library, and/or original ethnographic research; they may incorporate research conducted during study abroad or summer field schools.  Examples of recent honors theses may be found on the Honors and Independent Research page.


A student wishing to graduate with Honors in Anthropology must fulfill the normal requirements of the undergraduate concentration. In addition, he or she must do the following:

  1. Maintain a GPA of 3.7 or higher in courses completed at the University of Rochester for the anthropology major, including courses completed for Honors as listed below.
  2. Submit Part I of the application no later than April 15th of the Spring semester of their Junior year and obtain the signature of a departmental faculty member who has agreed to supervise her or his Honors research project. Another member of the anthropology faculty must also agree to serve as a secondary reader for the project at this time. (Application forms will be available in the Departmental Office, Lattimore 440.) Faculty supervisors will assume responsibility for advising the student on his or her research and evaluating the final project.
  3. Complete a third core course in anthropology (ANT 202-205). An advanced topic seminar (30x) may be substituted for one core course in Junior or Senior year.
  4. Submit Part II of the application, including a project proposal, to the departmental faculty member who has agreed to supervise her or his Honors research project no later than the third Friday of September, Fall semester of the Senior year. Acceptance into the Honors Program is subject to review by departmental committee. (Proposal forms will be available in the Departmental Office).
  5. Complete a minimum of 4 credits of ANT 393, “Honors Research in Anthropology.” (These credits may be distributed between the Fall semester and Spring semester of the Senior year.) A student enrolls for these credits with his or her faculty supervisor.
  6. Complete 4 credits of elective anthropology at the 200 level or higher. These credits may include ANT 393 credits above the minimum of 4. Independent study credits are also acceptable.
  7. Submit to her or his faculty supervisor and secondary reader an acceptable Honors research project by April 1st of the Senior year, and present and defend the project at a colloquium open to all faculty and students in the Department of Anthropology. Projects usually take the form of a thesis of approximately 10,000 to 15,000 words; the thesis ought to be of at least A- quality. Projects may also be completed in non-print media, such as video, with the approval of the student’s supervisor. The supervisor and second reader, in consultation with the department faculty, will decide the award of an honors degree.