The Undergraduate Program in Biology & Medicine (UPBM)



Cheeptip Benyajati
Cheeptip Benyajati,
UPBM Director

The Undergraduate Program in Biology and Medicine (UPBM) combines the School of Arts and Sciences and the School of Medicine and Dentistry to offer courses for undergraduate students with lectures, laboratory work, specialty seminars and research experiences.

The UPBM was founded in the early 1980’s and serves as a gateway for undergraduates studying at the College to gain research opportunities at the University of Rochester Medical Center. Since then the program has been accredited and is now one of the most popular undergraduate programs on campus.

The biology department together with departments of biochemistry, microbiology & immunology, and neuroscience produce the framework of the UPBM.

The program provides academic year opportunities to do independent research for credit as well as DeKiewiet Summer Fellowships, which support summer research by outstanding University of Rochester undergraduate students.

Approximately four hundred plus sophomores, juniors, and seniors belong to UPBM majors and one hundred biological science independent research are registered each semester.

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