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This page contains downloadable .pdf, and .doc files and some images which we hope will be of use to guest artists, students, and others affiliated with the UR International Theatre Program. Please be aware that some of these files may contain privileged information and are thus password protected. If you need access to a protected file, please request a password.


Production Calendar
Rehearsal Calendar
Classes Calendar
Other Events Calendar
PR & Box Office Calendar
Travel Calendar
Master Calendar (one calendar including all Production, Class and Other Events calendar information, as well as US Holidays)

Dramaturgical Resources

For dramaturgical resources relating to this season's productions, click here.
For dramaturgical resources relating to past season's productions, visit our dramaturgical archives.

Production Resources

View our Production Calendar

For viewing Vectorworks files, we recommend the following software download: Vectorworks 2008 Viewer

For viewing CAD (or .dwg) files, we recommend the eDrawings software download. It's free.

Todd Theatre Groundplans & Elevations:
.vwx - for Lighting & Scenic Designers
.pdf - for Scenic Designers
.pdf - for Lighting Designers

Todd Theatre Sections/Elevations:

West Elevation/Section (.pdf)
North Elevation/Section (.pdf)
East Elevation/Section (.pdf)
South Elevation/Section (.pdf)

Riser/Seating detail (CAD/.dwg file) (.pdf) (.jpg)

Riser and Riser Leg Inventory

Todd Theatre Online Lighting Inventory (google spreadsheet)

Todd Theatre Online Sound & Video Equipment Inventory (google spreadsheet)

Todd Theatre Curtain Inventory

Todd Theatre Images

Todd Lobby Images

Todd Lobby as set up for the One Act Play Festival: Audience Seating 1, Audience Seating 2, View of the Stage

Todd Lobby Groundplan (.pdf file)

Interested in our Prop Inventory? Email the URITP Props Master for access

Technical Workplace Injury Report

Admin Resources

The Bible (Contacts) [password protected]

View our Master Calendar

Academic Honesty Policy Handout

Academic Honesty Pledges Form

Todd Emergency Handbook

Todd Emergency Handbook Release Form

UR Academic Calendar 2011-2021

Box Office & Concessions Report (pdf)

Box Office Signup Sheet (Traditional 2 Production Fall Season) (.doc)

Box Office Signup Sheet (Traditional 2 Production Spring Season) (.doc)

Box Office Signup Sheet (Single Production Spring Semester) (.doc)

Front of House Announcements [password protected]

Box Office Telephone Procedures [password protected]

Box Office OGM Worksheet [password protected]

Post Mortem Worksheet (.doc and .pdf) [password protected]

Drama House Usage Agreement Form

Props Borrowing/Loan Form

General Loan Agreement (technical and furniture items)

Workplace Incident/Injury Report

Visiting Artist and Adjunct Resources

View our Travel Calendar

Visiting Artists Info Form

Useful Information for Visiting Artists [password protected]

Guidelines for Visiting Directors [password protected]

Teaching Responsibilities for Visiting Directors [password protected]

Guidelines for Visiting Designers/Artists [password protected]

Damage Waiver for Visiting Artists

"The Program Project" Outline

Syllabus Template [MS Word template (.dot) document]

Campus Map (click on the River Campus); also see here.

Staybridge Suites Hotel

General Rochester Information

Stage Management Resources

Rehearsal Calendar

All Stage Management Resource Documents are now on Google Drive. (.doc/x, .xls and .pdf formats)

Performance Incident/Injury Report

Workplace Incident/Injury Report

Certificate Program in Stage Management application form

Will Pickens's Mega Watch (see our Links page for details).

Student, Intern and Class Resources

View our Classes Calendar

URP! Group Info Form

URP! Performance Number Info Form

One Act Play Festival: Submission Guidelines & Entry Form

One Act Production Authorization Contract

One Act Director Questionnaire (.doc document)

One Act Play Festival: Costume Worksheet

Master Electrician Duties & Responsibilities

Audiovisual Engineer Duties & Responsibilities

Assistant Props Master/Props Intern Duties & Responsibilities

Theatre Program Intern Duties & Responsibilities

Costume Intern Duties & Responsibilities

"The Program Project" Outline

Lighting Lab Handout

PR Internship Outline

View our PR and Box Office Calendar

PR Intern Online Materials

Certificate Program in Stage Management application form

"Directing" (ENG 180) Worksheets:

Pre-Rehearsal Worksheet (.pdf file) or (.doc file)
Rehearsal Worksheet (.pdf file) or (.doc file)
Performance Worksheet (.pdf file) or (.doc file)

"Plays in Production" Lab Registration Form

"Plays in Production" (ENG 290/291) Worksheets:

Pre-Rehearsal Worksheet (.pdf file) or (.doc file)
Rehearsal Worksheet (.pdf file) or (.doc file)
Performance Worksheet (.pdf file) or (.doc file)

Lab Grade Evaluation Form [password protected]

Grading Standards for Theatre Program Classes

Info and application form for Undergraduate Research Awards (which may help fund travel and other expenses while doing research)

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