Department of English


Advanced Seminars

Spring 2014

ENG 380 Problems in Western Civilization

TR    1525    1640    LCHAS    160
Instructor: D. Bleich
CRN: 39475

Description: Using literary works, critical commentaries, and historical sources, seminar members will find one or more problems to research in depth. The general themes of the “menu” of issues are domination, hierarchical social organization, and public and domestic violence. Specific topics include pederasty, slavery, censorship, heresy, witch-hunting, androcentrism and misogyny, and war.

ENG 380 American Detectives: Hammett, Chandler, MacDonald

TR    1650    1805    MEL    206
Instructors: G. Grella
CRN: 39494
Restrictions: [A] Instructor's permission required [E] Not open to freshman

Description: The course deals with the great trio of American writers of what became known as hard-boiled detective fiction. We will study some of the history and background of the form and read some of the most important stories and novels by the three important writers of this major American literary creation. In the process we will discuss matters like detection itself, crime as a subject, and the ways in which a high literary art developed from popular fiction.