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All Faculty, alphabetical
Ball, Molly Adjunct Professormollycball@rochester.eduModern Brazil, Economic History
Beaumont, Daniel Associate Professordaniel.beaumont@rochester.eduContemporary American culture, Arabic literature
Borus, Daniel H.Professordaniel.borus@rochester.eduU.S. cultural and intellectual history
Brown, Theodore M.Professortheodore_brown@urmc.rochester.eduIntellectual, institutional, and political history of medicine
Devaney, Thomas C.Assistant Professorthomas.devaney@rochester.eduLate medieval and early modern Europe; urban history; interfaith relations.
Gamm, Gerald Associate Professorgerald.gamm@rochester.eduPolitical Science, American History
Ho, Dahpon Assistant Professordho2@mail.rochester.eduEast Asian history.
Hudson, Larry E.Associate Professorlarry.hudson@rochester.eduAfrican-American history; Comparative Slavery; Civil War and Reconstruction; New South; Theory and Methods of Oral history
Inikori, Joseph E.Professorinik@mail.rochester.eduAtlantic World economic history. Dr. Inikori is a member of the editorial board of the Journal of Global History.
Jarvis, Michael J.Associate Professormichael.jarvis@rochester.eduEarly American social and economic history; Atlantic World networks; Bermuda and the Caribbean; Maritime labor and culture
Kaeuper, Richard W.Professorrichard.kaeuper@rochester.eduMedieval Britain and continental Europe
Lenoe, Matthew E.Associate Professormatthew.lenoe@rochester.eduRussian and Soviet history: Stalinist culture and politics, history of mass media, Soviet soldiers in World War II, Russia in East Asia, Leninism in world history
Mandala, Elias C.Professorelias.c.mandala@rochester.eduSouthern Africa since the 19th century, with a focus on agriculture, food, gender, labor migration, and peasantry. Currently writing a social history of Dr. David Livingstone’s porters and servants.
Outram, Dorinda Professordorinda.outram@rochester.eduHistory of the Enlightenment
Pedersen, Jean Associate Professorjpedersen@esm.rochester.eduModern European history; French history; feminist theory, women's history, and gender studies; philosophy of science, sociology of knowledge, and history of academic disciplines.
Pierce, Morris Professorm.pierce@rochester.eduMilitary History, Science and Technology
Rubin, Joan S.Professorjoan.rubin@rochester.eduNineteenth- and twentieth-century American cultural and intellectual history; the history of the book
Sierra, Pablo M.Assistant Professorpablo.sierra@rochester.eduAfrican Diaspora in Latin America, Colonial Latin America, Afro-Indigenous Interactions, Urban Slavery
Slaughter, Thomas P.Professorthomas.slaughter@rochester.eduEurope and the Americas, c.1500-1900; Early America; American Revolution; Abolition; Humans and Nature; and Families.
Smoller, Laura
Weaver, Stewart A.Professorstewart.weaver@rochester.eduModern British History; Himalayan History; Environmental History
Westbrook, Robert B.Professorrobert.westbrook@rochester.eduModern cultural and intellectual history
Young, Mary Professor Emeritusyngm@mail.rochester.eduAmerican history in the early national and Jacksonian periods; American Indians
Zhang, Elya Assistant Professorelya.zhang@gmail.comAsian History