University of Rochester

Recent Ph.D. Recipients

The Department prides itself on its conscientious and aggressive efforts to place its Ph.D.s in suitable academic employment. The Department has done remarkably well in placing its students. Among the institutions in which Rochester Ph.D.s now teach are the University of Arkansas, Bard College, UCLA, Canisius College, Clarkson University, Colgate University, Columbia University, Concordia College, Hamilton College, Harvard University, Louisiana State University, SUNY Buffalo, CUNY Lehmann College, Northeastern University, Ohio State University, University of Oklahoma (Norman), Rhodes College, Rochester Institute of Technology, St. Lawrence University, and Xavier University, among others. A number of Rochester Ph.D.s are pursuing careers in related professions; they have found employment at such diverse organizations as the New York State Archives, Library of Congress, and Newsday.

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Name, Year, AdviserDissertation Title and Known Placement
Avitable, Joseph R.
PhD 2009
Adviser: Joseph Inikori
"The Atlantic World Economy and Colonial Connecticut"
Part-time faculty, Quinnipiac University
Bakhmetyeva, Tatyana
PhD 2006
Adviser: Dorinda Outram
"Madame Swetchine, 'Mother of the Church': A Case Study of Religion, Identity, and Female Authority in Nineteenth-Century France and Russia"
Associate Director, UR College Writing Program
Bharadwaj, Vasudha
PhD 2011
Adviser: Stewart Weaver
"Languages of Nationhood : Political Ideologies and the Place of English in 20th Century India"
Visiting Instructor, SUNY Albany
Broc, Loren A.
PhD 2013
Adviser: Joan Shelley Rubin
"Religion and Insanity in America from Colonial Times to 1900"
Casey, Kathleen B.
PhD 2009
Adviser: Victoria Wolcott
"Racedressers and Crossdressers: Gender, Race, and Sex on the American Vaudeville Stage, 1895-1925"
Post Doctoral Instructor, UR Writing Program
Dingman, Paul E.
PhD Candidate, ABD 
Adviser: Richard Kaeuper
"The Emotions and Ethics of Chivalric Friendship in England"
Dougherty, Sara M.
Track: PhD 2012
Adviser: Robert Westbrook
"Early Cold War Combat Films and the Religion of Empire"
Finn, Michelle R.
Track: PhD Spring 2012
Adviser: Victoria Wolcott
"A Modern Necessity: Feminism, Popular Culture, and American Womanhood, 1920-1948. Deputy Historian, City of Rochester"
Goodwin, Julia
PhD 2007
Adviser: Celia Applegate
"Breaking Down Barriers: Music and the Culture of Reconciliation in West Berlin, 1961-1989"
Adjunct Instructor, Music and History, Oregon State University
Guyol, Christopher R.
PhD 2013
Adviser: Richard Kaeuper
"English Monasticism and Royal Governance in the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries"
Kadercan, Pelin
Track: PhD 2012
Adviser: Celia Applegate
"The Unlikely Architects of Modern Turkish National Identity?: The Case of German Refugees from the Third Reich (1933-1972)"
Learned, Jay D.
Track: PhD 2012
Adviser: Joan Rubin; Matthew Lenoe
"Billy Graham, American Evangelicalism, and the Cold War Clash of Messianic Visions, 1945-1962"
McCarthy, Tara
PhD 2006
Adviser: Lynn Gordon
"True Women, Trade Unionists, and the Lessons of Tammany Hall: Ethnic Identity, Social Reform, and the Political Culture of Irish Women in America, 1880-1923"
Assistant Professor of History, Central Michigan University
Morry, Emily C.
Track: PhD 
Adviser: Victoria Wolcott
Nakashian, Craig M.
PhD 2009
Adviser: Richard Kaeuper
"'A new kind of monster...part-monk, part-knight': The Paradox of Clerical Militarism in the Middle Ages"
Assistant Professor, Texas A&M University - Texarkana
Parsons, Gregory S.
PhD 2007
Adviser: Celia Applegate
"Popular Conservatism and Political Change in Germany and Great Britain: A Comparative Study, 1918-1924"
Assistant Professor of History, SUNY Oswego
Paternaude, Monique D.
Track: PhD 2012
Adviser: Larry Hudson
"Bound by Pride and Prejudice: Black Life in Frederick Douglass’s New York"
Robins, Jonathan E.
PhD 2010
Adviser: Stewart Weaver, Stanley Engerman
"The Cotton Crisis: Imperialism and Globalization in the Cotton Industry, 1900-18"
Lecturer, Morgan State University
Sanders, Gabrielle S.
PhD 2007
Adviser: Linda Levy Peck
"The Gendering of Martyrdom: English Martyrology and the Defense of the Protestant Church"
Satta, Ronald F.
PhD 2007
Adviser: Robert Westbrook
"The Sacred Text: Biblical Authority in Nineteenth-Century America."
Saucier, Jamie C.
PhD 2012
Adviser: Robert Westbrook
"Cul-de-Sac Culture: The Suburban Discourse in America, 1945-1975"
Saucier, Jeremy K.
PhD 2010
Adviser: Robert Westbrook
"Army Advertising and the Politics of Memory and Culture in Post-Vietnam America"
Visting Assistant Professor, St. Bonaventure
Summers, John
PhD 2006
Adviser: Robert Westbrook
"The Life and Mind of C. Wright Mills"
Visiting Scholar, Boisi Center, Boston College
Thurman, Kira
PhD A History of Black Musicians in Germany and Austria, 1870-1961: Race, Performance, and Reception
Adviser: Celia Applegate
"A History of Black Musicians in Germany, 1870-1961: Race, Performance, and Reception"