University of Rochester

Lyle Jeremy Rubin

Track: PhD

Field: American History

Major Fields: American History

Minor Fields: US Intellectual History; Modernity and Modernism (Transnational)

Research Interests: My dissertation conveys and wrestles with the differing American meanings and deployments of the philosopher and political economist Adam Smith and his thought from the time of Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Paine through the ascendance of Milton Friedman, Ronald Reagan, and Ron (and Rand) Paul. My research also relates the evolving "Smithian" discourse to the broader scene in which it nests itself, while straddling the narrative between the economic and the social, and between the intellectual and the cultural.

Adviser: Daniel H. Borus

Dissertation: "The Invincible Hand: Adam Smith in American Life"

MA, University of Rochester, 2013
BA, Emory University, 2005

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Lyle Rubin