Office of Minority Student Affairs

Multi-Cultural Student Organizations

The Office of Minority Student Affairs is proud to provide these links to our diverse student groups. These groups often include our office in their programming, and some use our staff as advisers.

Each tab below contains information about various multi-cultural student organizations at the University of Rochester. If you know of an organization that should be added to our list, please contact us by email at

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The purpose of Afro-Expressions is to promote awareness, fitness and enjoyment of African-based performing arts. Activities include dance, drum and drama.

Agape Christian Fellowship

Agape Christian Fellowship is a multi-ethnic campus-based ministry. They believe that the four years of undergraduate study is an exciting time to grow in Christ and in the spiritual disciplines of the Christian faith.

American Sign Language Club

The purpose of the ASL Club is to promote cultural awareness of the Deaf Community in the city of Rochester and beyond, and to create spaces where ASL students at UR can gather and learn from each other, increasing their skills in ASL and their knowledge of Deaf culture.

Amnesty International

Amnesty International at University of Rochester is a unique opportunity for students to help others compassionately by writing letters to prisoners of conscious.

Association for Development of Interest in The Indian subcontinent (ADITI)

The ADITI purpose is to promote a greater awareness of social, cultural and political issues concerning South Asia. In addition, ADITI reaches out to all members of the UR community, encouraging a true cultural unity by celebrating our differences.

Black Students' Union (BSU)

The BSU presents and sponsors numerous student activities in all forms: social and cultural, educational and political, and community service oriented. Although designed to serve the specific interests and promote the culture and history of students of color at the university, the BSU is not an organization reserved solely for Students of Color, BSU is open to everyone and contains members of diverse background and cultures that unite as one.

Brothers and Sisters in Christ (BASIC)

BASIC provides a forum to freely worship God in accordance to the Holy Bible in truth and spirit. To praise, love, thank, and learn about Him who "...gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life" (John 3:16).

Campus Crusade for Christ

Their mission is to give every single university student on every campus every year in Rochester three to five chances to hear and respond to a culturally relevant presentation of the Gospel.


Catholic Newman Community

A full-time parish with a full-time priest-chaplain as well as a history of full-time lay chaplains, the Newman Community uses the facilities of the Interfaith Chapel to hold on-campus masses throughout the week. This full-time parish has also been a source of community service, on-campus activism, and an endowed chair of Catholic studies for the department of Religion and Classics.

Chabad House

Chabad-Lubavitch is a philosophy, a movement, and an organization. It is considered to be the most dynamic force in Jewish life today.

Chinese Students' Association (CSA)

The purpose of the organization is to promote unity and understanding among Chinese members, and provide services to Chinese students so as to help them adapt to American society and understand China. They also introduce Chinese culture to the community to broaden their perspectives and understanding of the culture, at the same time bridging cultural discrepancies.

Chinese Student & Scholar Association

CSSAUR is a non-profit organization having over 400 members who are current UR students, postdocs, visiting scholars and their family members coming from People's Republic of China. CSSAUR is always working to enhance mutual help and affinity among its members. CSSAUR also serves as link between the Chinese students/scholars at UR and the Chinese Consulate General in New York.

Dragon & Eagle - Leap August Society (D & E - LAS)

The primary goal of the society is to explore Chinese culture, from its ancient philosophical ideas to its present political status. They are mainly college undergraduates and a few post-docs from three universities: Cornell University, SUNY at Buffalo and University of Rochester. LAS welcomes anyone, regardless of his/her age, race and gender, who is merely interested in Chinese culture to join the society.

Filipino American Students' Association (FASA)

FASA strives to preserve a common cultural identity of Filipinos and Filipino-Americans, to give the general public an opportunity to know more about the Filipino culture and to promote cultural diversity on campus.



Grassroots is the University of Rochester environmental action and awareness group. They strive to act on behalf of a sustainable future and to raise awareness of our collective and individual responsibilities as stewards of the Earth.


Hillel provides the foundation for Jewish student life at the University of Rochester. It is here to provide secure, inclusive, and nurturing environment for all Jews. Hillel is here to foster social relationships and spiritual enrichment, enabling personal and communal exploration of Jewish religion, culture, values, traditions, and scholarhsip and affirming the principle of Tikun Olam.

Hindu Student Association

The Hindu Student Association runs discussion groups, temple runs and various other activities that promote spiritualism and greater understanding of Hinduism.

International Ambassadors

International Ambassadors mission is to recruit more University of Rochester students from abroad.

Intervarsity Christian Fellowship

An active Christian fellowship on the beautiful University of Rochester river campus. From large group meetings every Friday night, to small group Bible studies throughout the week, daily prayer meetings, service and evangelistic outreach activities, there is plenty for you to get involved in.

Israel Council

The University of Rochester Israel Council serves to celebrate and promote Israeli culture, history and peoples through a variety of venues and programs, as well as serve as a medium to educate and inform the campus on current events pertaining to the region and facilitate an open dialogue at the U of R.

Japan Matsuri

The goal of Japan Matsuri is to enrich the public about Japanese Culture by performing Traditional and Modern Japanese Dance and to provide a fun and entertaining environment for their members.


Korean American Student Association

KASA strives to expand the interest of Korean culture to the university, the campus community and the greater Rochester area. KASA is made up of a diverse group of Korean Americans, international students from Korea, adopted Koreans and non Koreans as well.

Men Against Sexual Assault (MASA)

Men Against Sexual Assault is an organization which educates the University and the general public about sexual assault.

Messages to Young People

Messages to Young People is a group composed of young people with the aim of spreading the gospel message, a story of God’s love and sacrifice, to their peers. Its aim is to provide searching individuals with the message of Jesus Christ.

Minority Student Advisory Board (MSAB)

The Minority Student Advisory Board was created to be a coordinating mechanism that would serve as a political, cultural and resource base in the interest of historically underrepresented minorities on campus. They believe that certain areas of University life can be enhanced through collective action by a formal organization.

Muslim Students' Association

The Muslim Students' Association discuss all matters relating to Islam and the University of Rochester and to serve Muslims and those interested in Islam pertaining to religion, school, and social activities.

Nonviolent on Campus

NOC's mission is to foster nonviolence amongst ourselves and in our community. Nonviolence is a commitment to not harming others physically or emotionally. One facet of this philosophy is its active implementation.


Orthodox Christian Fellowship

OCF is a cross campus organization primarily involving the University of Rochester and the Rochester Institute of Technology. Sponsored through Holy Spirit Greek Orthodox Church, the group provides an opportunity for all Eastern Orthodox Christians to come together.

Pakistani Student Association (PSA)

No information available at this time.

Pagan Students' Community (PSC)

The Pagan Students' Community seeks to provide a place for Pagans and Pagan-curious students to find religious community. We also provide a place of discussion for all students who are interested in topics of religion and spirituality not normally discussed in mainstream forums. We focus on Pagan interests, but welcome anyone who is interested with open arms.

Polish Club

The Polish and Central European Club seeks to provide students, faculty, and staff at the University of Rochester who are interested in exploring Polish and CE culture and heritage a means to realize this goal. The intent is to foster and spread awareness of Polish and Central European cultures on campus.

Pride Network

Pride Network's mission is to provide and support an open and secure environment to discuss issues of sexuality and identity, provide information and resources concerning sexuality to all University members and provide social and academic activities that are in compliance to the University of Rochester Students' Association.

Protestant Chapel Community

The Protestant Chapel Community provides the opportunity to practice faith with people of richly diverse faiths and backgrounds all sharing a common journey.


Religious Roundtable

To promote interfaith dialogue and understanding among all faiths represented on campus as well as to support interfaith programming for the entire campus community.

Satsang: Streams of Thought (SATSANG)

The purpose of SATSANG, which means spiritual community in Sanskrit, is to provide a community wherein ideas and understandings of different religious and spiritual paths can be shared, discussed and experienced through weekly group discussions, lectures, meetings, and events. SEEC will provide the individual seeker with a community to aid in the fulfillment of one's spiritual path, whatever it may be.


The purpose of this organization is to provide discussion and community for biracial and multiracial students, though it will not be limited to students of this background. Shades aims to act as an educational force to spread awareness on campus and push students to reexamine and question their views on the multiracial experience, as well as their views on race.

Spanish And Latino Students' Association (SALSA)

SALSA desires to bring a cultural, social and educational awareness to their members. They strive to enlighten the university community about the rich Latino heritage and culture.

Student Association for the Development of Arab Cultural Awareness (SADACA)

The members of the Student Association for the Development of Arab Cultural Awareness are dedicated to promoting awareness of the culture, religions, history, and languages of the Arab World through positive community education and enrichment. SADACA is a secular, apolitical organization.

Student Association of Vegan and Vegetarian Youth (SAVVY)

SAVVY is undergraduates, grads, alumni and staff committed to animal protection. Their goal is to reduce unnecessary animal suffering by helping people lead healthy and compassionate vegetarian/vegan lifestyles.

Students for Social Justice

Students for Social Justice is committed to enacting a forum for social change through raising awareness of current issues and the organization of and involvement in social action.

Taiwanese American Students' Association (TASA)

The Taiwanese American Students’ Association consists primarily of undergraduate students with a Taiwanese heritage or an interest in Taiwanese culture. For many of the members, TASA is a place to make friends that share a common interest in retaining and learning about Taiwanese and Chinese traditions and cultures.


Turkish Student Association

The purpose of the organization is to promote awareness and appreciation of Turkish culture and history; to improve social interaction and cooperation within the Turkish community at University of Rochester.

UR Bahai Club

No information available at this time.

UR Christian Fellowship

The University of Rochester Christian Fellowshp is dedicated to serving the university community by providing a Christian Protestant service in the spirit-filled gospel tradition. Guided by our chaplain, Rev. Bishop Gregory Parris, and the nearby Church of Love Faith Center, UR Christian Fellowship enriches the community with the spirit of the Word of God and gives us a holy vibe.

UR Sangha (Buddhist Student Association)

UR Sangha is tailored to appeal to all practitioners of Buddhism, including those who don't yet consider themselves Buddhists, or are only interested in learning more about meditation. Current members include those practicing in the Tibetan and Zen traditions, as well as those who consider themselves 'non-denominational.' Everyone is welcome, from the experienced to the beginner.

Vietnamese Students' Association (VSA)

The purpose of the Association is to promote awareness and appreciation of Vietnamese culture. VSA exists to provide an opportunity to interact and share Vietnamese history, culture, and experiences.

Women's Caucus

The purpose of the Women's Caucus: FMLA is to educate the campus and community about issues affecting women. We also provide leadership and career-building opportunities for our members.