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PhD in Philosophy

Foundations Requirement

The Foundations requirement, to be satisfied during the first three semesters, consists in six 400-level courses in core areas of philosophy that provide a foundation for more advanced work.  Foundation courses include required courses in Ancient Greek Philosophy, Early Modern Philosophy, and Advanced Logic. 

Concentration Requirement

The Concentration requirement, to be satisfied by the end of the seventh semester, consists in nine additional graduate level courses, including six seminars, and two comprehensive examinations in the student’s primary and secondary areas.

Dissertation Requirement

During the 4th year, the student satisfies the Writing Seminar requirement by presenting a paper to the department, writes a dissertation proposal, and under the supervision of his/her thesis committee begins dissertation research.  In the fifth year, a student is expected to finish and defend his/her dissertation.  

During the final stages of the program, faculty work closely with students and help them prepare to look for teaching positions in philosophy. We are pleased that most of our students have been successful in the difficult academic job market. 

Further information about these and other requirements of the PhD program is available at the "Graduate Program Requirements" link in the box at the upper right.