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Minoring in Philosophy

The Philosophy minor requires five courses chosen in consultation with the Philosophy Department's undergraduate advisor. There is considerable flexibility in the choice of the five courses, though at least two must be upper-level courses (i.e., with a number above 202), and it is desirable for there to be at least some thematic unity in the selection. The following are examples of possible themes around which one could build a Philosophy minor (though it is not required to conform to any of these):

  • Philosophy of Science: PHL 110, 252, and three other courses in philosophy of science. Courses include PHL 105, 106, 218, 243, 244, 250-259.
  • Ethics: PHL 102 or 103 and four other courses in ethics and related areas. Courses include PHL 102, 103, 220-230.
  • History of Philosophy: PHL 201 and 202 and three other courses in the history of philosophy. Courses include PHL 221, 260-269, 303, 318-324.

Note also that several Philosophy Department faculty members are involved in the interdisciplinary legal studies minor.

More details about minoring in philosophy can be found in the Undergraduate Bulletin.