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Opportunities in Philosophy


Internships provide an opportunity to put the skills learned in philosophy to work in a variety of professional settings, and can be useful in exploring career possibilities. Philosophy majors have recently held internships in law offices, public schools, international agencies, and social services. For more information, contact Professor Curren or Professor Feldman.

Career Opportunities

The analytical skills developed by studying philosophy are excellent preparation for law school and graduate school in philosophy, and provide a foundation for success in many walks of life. Courses in ethics are also helpful for medical and business students who may find it necessary in their work to make moral decisions, and to take moral stands. A logic specialty coupled with some courses in mathematics is good preparation for entering into computer-related work and other technical fields. Some resources on careers for Philosophy Majors:

Graduate School

The graduate program in philosophy at the University of Rochester is a highly regarded program. Teaching is perhaps the most common career following graduate school in philosophy.