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Alumni Profiles

Meg Barritt

Barritt, Meg

Degree: BA in Religion

Current Occupation: Program Manager for US-Brazil Connect

Jessica Bohanon

Bohanon, Jessica

Degree: BA in Anthropology and Religion, 2011

Current Occupation: Program Facilitator for the CIEE Khon Kaen Development & Globalization Study Abroad Program in Khon Kaen, Thailand

Rachel Darken

Darken, Rachel

Degree: BA in Religion, 2010

Current Occupation: Youth Employment Specialist at Common Wealth Development

Jeffrey Ellsworth

Ellsworth, Jeffrey

Degree: MA in History and Religion

Current Occupation: Chercheur en formation doctorale at University of Luxembourg

John Hafner

Hafner, John

Degree: BA in Physics and Astronomy and Religion, 2002

Current Occupation: Competitive Power Ventures

Harrington, Alissa

Degree: BA in Religion and Political Science, 2004

Current Occupation: Policy Analyst; Political Consultant

Sarah Otto

Otto, Sarah

Degree: BA in Religion and Psychology, 2002

Current Occupation: Exhibition Coordinator, The Cleveland Museum of Art

Teresa Trout

Trout, Teresa

Degree: BA in English and Classics, 2009

Current Occupation: Upper School Latin and Greek Teacher

Krista Wentworth

Wentworth, Krista

Degree: BA in Psychology and Religion, Minor in Anthropology, 2010

Current Occupation: Education Program Manager for a Non-profit Organization

Yorda Yenenh

Yenenh, Yorda

Degree: BA in Religion and Political Science, 2009

Current Occupation: Law Student