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Requirements for Minors

Minor in Religion

  1. Either REL 101 or 102.
  2. One course in the history of a religious tradition, either REL 103, 104, 105, 106, or 107.
  3. REL 293.
  4. Three other courses in religion, selected in consultation with the student's advisor in the Department.

Minor in Classical Civilization

  1. A course focusing on the history of the ancient world, e.g., CLA 102, CLA 210.
  2. A course surveying the literature and/or mythology of the ancient world, e.g., CLA 135, CLA 140.
  3. Four additional courses, which may include language courses as well as courses in translation; 101 and 102 courses in the languages may count.

Minor in Arabic

  1. ARA 101 and 102, or the equivalent.
  2. Four courses of close textual analysis and interpretation, chosen from a wide range of Arabic texts, and read in the original language.

Minor In Greek

  1. 6 courses in Greek; may include 101 and 102.

Minor in Hebrew

  1. Any three-course Hebrew language sequence, selected in consultation with the Hebrew Instructor.  Available courses include:  Heb 101, Heb 102, Heb 103, Heb 104, Heb 204, Heb 391.
  2. Three additional courses selected among courses in Hebrew language or courses in Hebrew literature in translation or Jewish culture and civilization in which texts originally written in Hebrew are studied (e.g., REL 101/JST106, REL/JST 213, REL/JST 181, REL JST 222), or among at most two of the following courses in linguistics and literary translation theories:  LIN 101, LIN110, or LTS 200.

Minor In Latin

  1. 6 courses in Latin; may include 101 and 102.