Anaise Williams

Khon Kaen, Thailand - CIEE, Spring 2012, "The Group Dynamic"; p.4

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Natalie Peterman

Beijing, China - IES Abroad, Spring 2011, "From China to Peru: Finding our Common Ground"; Lima, Peru - PUCP, Fall 2011, "Picture Perfect Peruvian Adventures"

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Marcus Williams

Semester at Sea, Fall 2010, "Semester at Sea Sends Student on Life Changing Trip"

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Scott Strenger

Pune, India - Alliance for Global Education, Fall 2011, "Learning New Smells While Abroad"

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Caitlin Olfano

Madrid, Spain - IES Abroad, Spring 2011, "Closing the Gap of Long Distance Relationships"

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Ella Bond

Exchange student from Sussex, Fall 2011, "Across the Pond: From England to Rochester"

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Jeff Tyson

Dakar, Senegal, The Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE), Spring 2011, "Inherent Solidarity"

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Joey Hartman-Dow

Freiburg, Germany, The Institute for the International Education of Students (IES), Fall 2010, Sketchbook

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Andrew Korn

Milan, Italy, The Institute for the International Education of Students (IES), Full-Year 2009-2010, "Finances need not hinder Study Abroad"

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Isthier Chaudhury

Beijing, China, The Council on International Exchange, Full-Year 2009-2010, "UR Senior Discusses Study Abroad in DC"

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Dawn Ryan

Bath, England, Advanced Studies in England, Spring 2008, "Rochester roots prepare student for novel English experiences"

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Andrew Otis

Cape Town, South Africa, The Institute for the International Education of Students (IES), Spring 2010, "Cape Town’s beauty and chaos"; p. 12

Photo Courtesy of Marya Shuksta

Marya Shuksta

Beer-Sheva, Israel, Ben Gurion University, Fall 2010, "The environment and Israel: a unique approach"; p. 11