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Financing Study Abroad

Financial Aid

Listed below are some general guidelines regarding financial aid eligibility for students on study abroad programs. Since each student's financial situation is unique, you will need to meet with a financial aid counselor while planning your semester(s) abroad.

Financial Aid Counseling

Financial aid counselors meet with students by appointment to discuss their specific study abroad plans and financial aid eligibility. To set up an appointment please call the Financial Aid Office at (585)  275-3226, stop by our front desk, or email your counselor directly. Counselor assignments and contact information are listed online at

What will I discuss with my financial aid counselor?

Your counselor is available to answer a variety of questions concerning study abroad, including:

Application Requirements

All undergraduate students applying for financial aid must complete a Free Application for Federal Students (FAFSA) online at Select students will also need to provide additional documentation, including institutional forms and relevant tax information, to the College Board's IDOC program. Students required to send their application to IDOC will be notified via email by both the Financial Aid Office and the College Board prior to the April 15 deadline. 

Students can track the status of their financial aid application by logging into their account in FAOnline.

NOTE: Returning students who do not submit their financial aid application with all supporting documentation by the April 15 deadline are not guaranteed full consideration for need-based assistance and may have their aid reduced due to limited funding.

Financial Aid Eligibility

UR Programs: If you are a financial aid recipient you will be eligible to receive financial aid during your semester abroad. If your total program cost is less than the cost of studying at UR for that semester, your need-based aid will be reduced proportionately. Merit awards will not be reduced. Please see your financial aid counselor to discuss your specific situation, including which awards are need-based.

Non-UR Programs: If you choose to study on a non-UR program, you will not be eligible to receive the same financial aid. Most importantly, you will not be eligible for any University of Rochester assistance. It is especially important to discuss your plans with your financial aid counselor to determine what types of aid you will eligible for while abroad and to ensure the continuation of your aid when you return. A small number of study abroad programs have their own financial aid available; applications are available from the sponsors.

Federal Direct Loans and Federal Pell Grants may be used while on a non-UR program, provided that you have completed a Consortium/Contractual agreement and the Financial Aid Office has verified the program sponsor's eligibility. TAP awards for NYS residents can be used if the non-UR program is sponsored by a NY college or university.

In order to be eligible for these funds (as well as for a Parent PLUS or alternative loan(s)) for the semester you are abroad, you must complete a Consortium/Contractual Agreement. This can be obtained from the Financial Aid Office, or online through FAOnline. Detailed instructions on completing the Agreement are included. A Consortium/Contractual Agreement involves multiple steps and requires several signatures, so do not delay in completing this requirement. Your coursework must be approved before the UR dean can sign the Consortium Agreement.