Education Abroad

Getting Started

Choosing a Program

There are many types of study abroad programs. What program is right for you? To find out you should begin by identifying your goals and expectations. What do you hope to gain from your study abroad experience? Knowing this will help you choose a program which suits your personal and academic goals.

Once you have your broader goals and expectations in mind, consider some of the more practical issues that might help you make your program selection such as:


Do you want to fulfill major or minor requirements while abroad? If so, you may want to review programs in specific academic disciplines.


While students studying on UR-sponsored programs will be charged UR tuition and room costs for their semester(s) abroad, non-UR programs each have different fees depending on what the program includes.


How long will you study abroad? A summer, one semester or a full year?


Where do you prefer to live? In an apartment, with a host family, or in a residence hall with other study abroad students?


Do you want your courses to be in English or a foreign language? Search by language to learn more about your options.


Do you have a specific country or region in mind? Do you prefer an urban or more rural setting? Browse programs by country/region.

Program type

There are many types of study abroad programs including direct enrollment in a university overseas, programs sponsored by a college or consortium, internships, and exchange programs. Find a program type that suits you.

Still need help?

Our study abroad advisers are happy to assist you identifying the best program options for you.

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