Education Abroad

Getting Started

All students who intend to study abroad, whether on programs sponsored by UR, or on other institutions' programs, need to first request approval from UR to study abroad. This request must be submitted no later than September 15 for spring programs, or February 15 for fall or full-year programs.

Students can request approval by starting an application for each program through the UR Study Abroad Portal. 

Once I submit my request, what's next?

Once students have started a request for UR approval to study abroad, they should begin their specific program's application. See instructions in the UR Study Abroad Portal.

Can I go for more than one semester?

Students may study abroad for a total of two semesters. The semesters do not need to be concurrent. There is no limit on the number of summers you can go abroad. Applying for summer study abroad is the same process as for a semester during the academic year. 

Please note the following: