Partner vs. Non-Partner Programs

Partner Programs

A UR program is one with which the University has a formal affiliation. In most cases, these programs have hosted Rochester students for many years, and the program staff are familiar with the academic interests, needs, and strengths of Rochester students. Rochester offers more than 75 programs during the summer and the academic year.

Advantages of UR programs:

  • University of Rochester financial aid applies toward the cost of the program (semester or academic year).
  • Grades earned will not be shown on your Rochester transcript and are not calculated into the GPA. 
  • Grades for courses taught by University of Rochester faculty appear on the transcript and are calculated into the GPA. This includes grades from faculty-led programs.
  • Applications are available at the Center for Education Abroad, and all materials are coordinated by that office.
  • Elective transfer credit is automatic upon completion of coursework with a C or better (following normal College transfer credit guidelines).
  • Special scholarships through some of our affiliates such as IES and CIEE. There are many outside scholarships, such as Gilman and NSEP/Boren.

Non-Partner Programs

Rochester students are permitted to go on accredited study abroad programs offered by other US universities or institutions, but need to do a little more legwork themselves. There are more than 4,000 of these programs worldwide. Rochester financial aid does not apply toward non-affiliated programs.

Why students choose Non-UR programs:

  • Although the minimum overall GPA for applying to a UR programs is 2.75, many of our programs have more stringent requirements. Students may find they have more flexibility with non-UR programs. 
  • For some students, particularly those who do not receive any merit-based or need-based scholarships from Rochester, the overall cost of the program may be lower.
  • No college or university can offer a program in every country. Allowing students to choose from the more than 4,000 options available opens every possibility.
  • You may be interested in a studying a language or topic not currently offered on a UR program.
  • Some non-UR programs offer unique opportunities such as multi-country itineraries or rigorous, field-based research. 
  • You may wish to study directly at an institution or university with which Rochester does not currently have an affiliation.

Special note regarding non-UR programs:

The University of Rochester has formal agreements with a variety of program providers and universities; students are not permitted to make independent arrangements to go abroad with these providers or universities. You must use University of Rochester arrangements.

Note that Non-University of Rochester programs do not apply toward The College’s Enrollment Policy.