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Maintaining and continuing to build a Theatre Program of the ambition, quality and scope of the UR International Theatre Program is an ongoing challenge. Ours is a unique Program -- one that certainly does not conform to the conventional notions of "academic theatre for non-majors". Providing the resources, opportunities and experiences we aim to provide for both our students and our guest artists stretches our resources to their limits. The situation is particularly acute, as our Program is a small one, and historically understaffed and overburdened. Coupled with this are the increasing demands made upon the Program to conform to heightened fire and safety codes, as well as the continually escalating price of materials, travel, accommodation, etc.

There are many easy ways for you to make a contribution to helping the Theatre Program continue to realize its vision and to maintain and, indeed, exceed its goals. And you don't have to be of significant financial means to make an impact (a gift of $150, for example, funds air travel for one guest artist's round trip; $300 might provide a prize for a student who excels at backstage work; $500 covers the sound budget for one production; if 600 alumni were to give $50 apiece, we could hire a fulltime wardrobe coordinator!). And, of course, all contributions are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law!

Help us in ways big or small by considering:
  • Making gift to the Theatre Program
  • Sponsoring a guest artist/director
  • Commissioning a new work
  • Funding a theatre prize
  • Sponsoring the printed program for (and dramaturgical research on) a production
  • Joining with a group of friends/cast members/alumni and making a named gift on behalf of a graduating class, a past production, or a loved one
  • Just making a direct and immediate contribution
  • and more...

Thinking of making a gift to the Theatre Program? Let us contact you and work with you to find the best way to fulfill your wishes and benefit the Program?

If you would like to consider the many ways of giving to the Theatre Program, request a copy of our Giving Prospectus.

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