Department of English


Major Tracks

The English department offers a home for a great variety of scholarly and creative interests, and our majors are a crucial part of our departmental life. Students in our courses explore literary works—poetry, drama, fiction and non-fiction—from all the traditions of British and American literature. They may also devote themselves to the study of works in film and other media, develop their talents as creative writers and in theater, or pursue studies in journalism, rhetoric, and debate. Our classes encourage exploratory thinking and critical conversation, always aiming to increase the students' knowledge, their skills in reading and critical analysis, and their strengths as writers. For a report on the lives and careers of former English majors, and how these were shaped by their work in the major, click here.

Students wishing to major in English should get in touch with the Director of Undergraduate Studies, to start the process of declaration, or talk with any faculty member they have worked with. The general requirements for these tracks are spelled out below, but students should always consult with the Director of Undergraduate Studies about their options for fulfilling the requirements, which are often wider than can be indicated here.

As an English major, you can choose from four distinct tracks:

  1. English Literature
  2. Creative Writing
  3. Theater
  4. Language, Media, and Communication