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Political Engagement


What is Political Engagement?

Political engagement means playing an active role in your community (locally, nationally, or internationally) by being involved in the democratic process, participating in public life, and collaborating with community organizations to solve community problems.

The RCCL convenes the Committee for Political Engagement, and also advises student organizations with a political focus, including the College Democrats and the College Republicans. Other student organizations, including awareness groups, fraternities and sororities, also plan activities with a political focus, and RCCL is happy to serve as a resource for those organizations, as well. 

Voter Registration Drives

Voting is one of the key ways that you can contribute to the democratic process. RCCL is partnering with the Rochester chapter of the League of Women Voters to get students registered to vote and out to the polls. Students can choose to register to vote using their UR address, which allows them to vote here on campus at the Saunders Research building. Alternately, they can register with their home address and request an absentee ballot, which RCCL will mail free of charge. The voter registration deadline in New York is October 14th and varies in different states. Stop by our voter registration table or in to our office to learn more!

Date Time Location
Tuesday 9/6 12:00-2:00pm Wilson Commons - Hirst
Friday 9/16 11:00-1:00pm Wilson Commons - Hirst
Tuesday 9/20



Wilson Commons - Hirst

Wilson Commons - porch

Tuesday 9/27 12:00-2:00pm Wilson Commons - Hirst
Tuesday 10/4 12:00-2:00pm Wilson Commons - Hirst
Wednesday 10/5 5:30-7:30pm Hutchison Hall - Hubbell Auditorium
Sunday 10/9 8:30-10:30pm Dewey Hall 1-101
Tuesday 10/11 12:00-2:00pm Wilson Commons - Hirst
Friday 10/14 12:00-2:00pm Wilson Commons - Hirst *NYS registration deadline*

The National Study of Learning, Voting and Engagement (NSLVE)

The Jonathan M. Tisch College of Civic Life at Tufts University conducts the NSLVE at colleges and universities across the country. The study indicates voting rates of students enrolled at institutions and compares them across election cycles. To view the University of Rochester's NSLVE data click here. We will post the updated report for 2016 when Tufts releases the data.

Student with Sign

#TurnOutForWhat documents
why UR community votes

November 3, 2014

In an effort to increase awareness of and participation in the democratic process, the University of Rochester’s Committee for Political Engagement (CPE) held a two-day photo shoot on October 28-29 called #TurnOutForWhat to document and share photos of Rochester students, faculty, and staff identifying what issues compel them to vote.

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Students at Inauguration

Campus style, Committee for Political Engagement

October 1, 2014

Committee for Political Engagement (CPE), a student-driven organization devoid of partisan affiliation and dedicated to building political awareness and participation at UR and beyond.

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