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Office of Undergraduate Research

Research and Innovation Grants

What is a Research and Innovation Grant? How do I apply?

Research and Innovation Grants are awarded by the Office of Admissions at the time of enrollment with the University. To learn more about the program, please review the Office of Admissions Research and Innovation Grants information, or read more about the RIG in the Rochester Review.

I have a Research and Innovation Grant. How can I use my funds?

Research and Innovation Grants may be used to attend academic conferences, for travel to and from study abroad programs, as a stipend for a research position, for research equipment or tools, membership in academic societies, and more. Your funds may not be used during the regular academic year to pay for anything that is covered by tuition/financial aid or anything for which you receive academic credit. See also "How a RIG Can Be Used" for more details. Questions? Please feel free to contact the RIG administrator or come to walk-in hours, below.

I have some questions and ideas I'd like to discuss. Is there someone I could meet with?

Yes. The Office of Undergraduate Research has walk-in hours. You may go to Dewey 4-209B  without an appointment to meet with the RIG administrator during the following times:

  • Mondays and Wednesdays: 2:00pm to 4:00pm
  • Fridays: 10:00am to 12:00pm

When should I submit my disbursement forms?

You must submit your Request for Disbursement at least 15 days before your funds are needed, regardless of how you choose to use your funds. Please note: if you are a senior (and yes, you may use your RIG during a 5th-year project such as KEY or Take 5), you must submit the Request for Disbursement by January 31st of your senior year, and any receipts for reimbursement must be submitted by April 1st to allow sufficient time for the Accounts Payable office to process your request while you are still an undergraduate.

How do I access my funds?

First, you will need to have a faculty mentor who is aware of your plans to use your funds and is willing to advise you through the proposed project. Then you will need to fill out a Request for Disbursement form. On this form, you will be asked to describe your project and provide a budget for the projected use of funds. It is not necessary that you spend all your funds in one place and/or at one time. You and your faculty mentor will need to sign the form before turning it back into the Office of Undergraduate Research during walk-in hours to discuss your plans with RIG administrator.

Once your request has been approved, you may either begin working or proceed with purchasing research materials, conference fees, airfare, etc. Please refer to the information below for specific instructions.

ALL RIG DISBURSEMENTS, whether for work, supplies, travel, or other expenses, now require an I-9. If you haven't already done so, please go to Student Employment in Wallis Hall to complete your I-9. It is NOT necessary to submit more than one I-9 with the University; if you are unsure please contact the RIG administrator. Pay periods are from the 1st - 15th and the 16th - the last day of each month; requests submitted on or after the first day of the current pay period will go on the following pay period, so please plan accordingly.

BEFORE BEGINNING WORK as an otherwise unpaid lab or research assistant, intern, etc., you and your faculty mentor should decide how long you are going to fill the position, how much time you will devote to your work, and the amount of your request. You may work up to 20 hours weekly during the academic year and up to 40 hours weekly during the summer. You must complete a new request each semester, even for the same position.

IF YOU ARE A NON-RESIDENT ALIEN you must have a US Social Security number and an up-to-date Glacier tax software account. Please add "non-service fellowship or scholarship" under "income type" to receive a RIG disbursement. More information about Glacier is available here or at the International Services Office.

If INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL is part of your request for disbursement, you must register your travel with the Office for Global Engagement. If you are traveling as a member or organizer of a UR student program, please contact the Center for Education Abroad prior to registering your trip.