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World Music Series - Pablo Ziegler's Classical Tango Quartet

  • Kilbourn Hall
  • Tuesday, January 21, 2014
  • 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM

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Pablo Ziegler’s Classical Tango Quartet

Pablo Ziegler, piano
Hector Del Curto, bandoneon
Jisoo Ok, cello
Pedro Giraudo, double bass 

Have you performed a piece by Astor Piazzolla, or do you like Piazzolla’s music? The only living member from the Astor Piazzolla Quintet, Pablo Ziegler, is performing at the Eastman School of Music.  Pablo Ziegler’s Classical Tango Quartet will perform in Eastman’s World Music Series on Tuesday, January 21st at 8pm in Kilbourn Hall.  Eastman World Music Series is sponsored by the generous gift from Barbara B. Smith.


The Latin Grammy-winning pianist and composer, Pablo Ziegler, brings his ensemble, comprised of piano, bandoneon, cello, and bass.  The bandoneon player, Hector Del Curto, and other players, Jisoo Oh, cello, and Pedro Giraudo, bass, were at Eastman in 2011 as part of the World Music Series as well for the “Eternal Tango” concert which was a huge success.  If you would like more information on Pablo Ziegler, please visit his website at


“His group maintains the essence of the new tango which translates structural experiments into mood swings: astringent to sultry, gruff to tender, agitated to buoyant” - The New York Times



8 pm - Kilbourn Hall

Single Tickets: $15 general admission (discount with U/R ID) available at the Eastman Theatre Box Office, 433 East Main St., or by phone, 585-454-2100





Once Again Milonga                                                             Pablo Ziegler

                                                                                                        (b. 1944)



Alrededor del Choclo                                       Ángel Villoldo / Ziegler



La Fundición                                                                                                       Ziegler



Introducción al Ángel                                                                  Astor Piazzolla




Asfalto                                                                                              Ziegler



Bajo Cero                                                                                         Ziegler



Fuga y Misterio                                                                            Piazzolla






Milonga del Adios                                                                           Ziegler



La Cumpersola                                                 Gerardo Matos Rodríguez

                                                                                                (1897– 1948)



La Rayuela                                                                                      Ziegler



Desde Otros Tiempos                                                                      Ziegler



Muchacha de Boedo                                                                        Ziegler



Conexión Porteña                                                                                            Ziegler



Chin Chin                                                                                     Piazzolla

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