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Faculty Artist Series - Enrico Elisi, piano

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  • Location:
    Eastman School, Kilbourn Hall
  • Date:
    Sunday, January 26, 2014
  • Time:
    3:00 PM to 5:00 PM
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Enrico Elisi, piano



3 pm - Kilbourn Hall

Single Tickets: $10 general admission (free to U/R ID holders)
Sold at the door one hour before concert start time. Subject to availability.




* Fantasia in D Minor, K. 397/385g (1782)                        W.A. Mozart



* Eighty-six-bar fragment by Mozart. Final part completed by Mitsuko Uchida.




Rondo in D Major , K. 485 (1786)                                                Mozart




Hommage à Jehuda Elkana 70 (2004)                             György Kurtág

            Sostenuto, ben pulsato                                                    (b. 1926)           



... feuilles mortes ... (2004)                                                             Kurtág

    “Dead Leaves”

            Tristement, lontain



Consolation sereine (2004)                                                     Kurtág

   “Serene Consolation"

            Molto tranquillo, parlando


                                          (per pianino con supersordino)




Sonata in G Major, Op. 31, No. 1 (1802)            Ludwig van Beethoven

            Allegro vivace                                                             (1770–1827)

            Adagio grazioso

            Rondo: Allegretto – Presto








Zwiesprache (1999)                                                          Wolfgang Rihm

            (Alfred Schlee in memoriam) — Sehr langsam               (b. 1952)

            (Paul Sacher in memoriam) — Langsam

            (Heinrich Klotz in memoriam) — Nicht zu langsam

            (Hans Heinrich Eggebrecht in memoriam) — Sehr langsam

            (Hermann Wiesler in memoriam) — Rubato (largo)




Frammenti sonori (2013)                                               Kye Ryung Park

   “Sound Fragments”                                                               (b. 1974)




Ungarische Rhapsodie “Hungarian Rhapsody”                Franz Liszt

   in A Minor, No. 13, S. 244 (1846-85)                               (1811-1886)


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