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Events and Programs

On-going initiatives include:

Lecture Series

Women's History Month
Join us in our month-long series of events that looks back on the history of feminism, while showing its importance and relevance today.

Cracks in the Glass Ceiling/No Breakthrough

Join accomplished women politicians and journalists in a discussion about the role women played in the 2008 election and the future of women in politics.

Unfinished Business: Realizing the Promise of Women's Leadership

Join accomplished women politicians and journalists for a four part lecture series on the Promise of Women's Leadership.

Stanton/Anthony Conversations

Meliora Weekend Luncheon and Conversations
Join wise, accomplished women as they meet in Rochester over Meliora Weekend to discuss equal rights, women's lives and the promise of women's leadership.

Luncheon and Conversations with International LPGA Champions

Join LPGA players as they speak about their lives on the road as international competitors.


Susan B. Anthony Legacy Dinner

A 60-year tradition at the University of Rochester to celebrate Susan B. Anthony's birthday and pay tribute to her efforts to win women admission to the University. The Susan B. Anthony Scholarship and Prize, the Fannie Bigelow Prize, the Jane Plitt Award, the Simon Association of Women MBAs Leadership Scholarship and the Susan B. Anthony Lifetime Achievement Award are presented at the Dinner.

Policy Summits

Women Leading Local Governments

A biennial policy summit for women elected to New York's county and city governments that connects elected women to each other and to public policy experts.