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2006 Susan B. Anthony Legacy Dinner

February 9, 2006

The 2006 Susan B. Anthony Legacy Dinner: Celebrating 106 Years of Exceptional Women at the University of Rochester was held on Thursday, Feburary 9, at 6:00 PM in the May Room of Wilson Commons, located on the University of Rochester campus. The dinner is an annual celebration of the achievements of women in the University of Rochester community and is sponsored by the UR Women's Club and the Anthony Center.


The Evening's Program

The 2006 Legacy Address by Tracy Mitrano, '81, Director of IT Policy and Computer Policy and Law Program at Cornell University and 1980 Fannie Bigelow Prize winner.

Presentations by UR Women's Club and the Anthony Center of the Susan B. Anthony Scholarship, the Susan B. Anthony Prize, the Fannie Bigelow Prize, and the Jane Plitt Award

Susan B. Anthony Lifetime Achievement Award: Esther Conwell, Ph.D., Professor of Chemistry and Physics.

The evening closed with Songs to Celebrate Women's Rights by Vocal Point


This year's award recipients:

Esther Conwell

2006 Lifetime Achievement Award: Esther Conwell, Ph.D.






Student Award Recipients

Gabriela Jones

Mary DiMatteo

2006 Susan B. Anthony Scholarships:
Mary DiMatteo ('07), Gabriela Jones ('07)






Darcey Jacobs

2006 Susan B. Anthony Prize:
Darcey Jacobs ('06)






Abigail Aresty

2006 Fannie Bigelow Prize:
Abigail Aresty ('05, T5)







Claire LeBlanc

2006 Jane R. Plitt Award:
Claire LeBlanc ('06)







2006 William E. Simon Graduate School of Business Association of Women MBAs Leadership Scholarship :
Lara Chamberlain ('06, MBA)







Special Thanks to The Women's Scholarship Selection Committee:

Jason Smith, Matthew Burns, Bryan Rotach, Nora Bredes, Daniel Watts, Thomas Crews, Mark Presnell, Kelly Barbic, Laura Ballou, Benjamin Ojala, Jim Scheible, Belinda Redden & Annette Weld.

Special Thanks to:

Provost Charles Phelps, Kim Karim Salvaggio, Mimi Freund Tilton, Adam Bink, Julianne Nigro, Women's Caucus, & Vocal Point.