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University of Rochester

Women in New York State's Local Governments

Since 2004, the Anthony Center for Women’s Leadership at the University of Rochester has surveyed the numbers of women serving in New York’s fifty-seven county governments and five largest cities.

Stephanie Miner, Syracuse NY Mayor, 2010

In the last seven years , women’s share of county legislative seats has remained virtually unchanged. Small strides have been made in the number of county
executives/administrators, moving from two to six (of fifty-seven); in 2009, the first woman mayor of one of New York’s five largest cities was elected when Stephanie Miner won her race in Syracuse. One city, Rochester, has a majority of women serving on its city council. Three of five city/common council presidents (in Rochester, Albany and New York City) are women.

Stephanie Miner, Syracuse, NY 
1st Woman Mayor - elected 2009

View the following PDF documents:

Women in New York State's Local Governments - an overview 

2010 Report on Women's Progress in Local Governments