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Office Of The Bursar

Student Refund

Issuing a Refund

The Bursar's Office will issue a refund when:

  1. The total amount of all TITLE IV financial aid exceeds the amount of tuition, fees, room and board. The resulting credit balance will be refunded to the student in accordance with Federal regulations.
  2. A student account reflects a credit balance and the student has requested a refund.
  3. Payment is received by cash, check, or wire transfer on an account that is currently paid in full. The Bursar’s Office reserves the right to refuse payment on a paid in full account and to issue a refund whenever an account reflects a credit balance.

In some cases, students may decide to drop or add courses within a specific term, which may make them ineligible or over-awarded for their loans. If a refund was issued prior to a reduction in a student’s loan amount, and the loan reduction results in a new balance on the student’s account,the student is responsible for paying the difference in the next billing cycle.

Every effort is made by the Bursar staff to verify the accuracy of all refunds issued, additional processing time may be required. It is strongly recommended that students and parents also verify the accuracy of all refund received, and report any discrepancies to the Bursar’s Office immediately.

Accessing UR ePAY Direct Deposit

NEW this fall, the University of Rochester has partnered with Nelnet (UR ePAY) to provide ACH refunding (direct deposit) to all U of R students.  Please follow the steps below to set this up and begin receiving your refunds via direct deposit. Click here for step by step guide (pdf).

  1. Log onto Blackboard and select UR ePAY on the left-hand side of the page
  2. Once you are in UR ePAY look for Student Choice Refunds in the left-hand menu
  3. Click on Manage My Student Choice Refunds Account to continue to our new site for electronic refund processing
  4. At the top of the screen you should see your name and URID
  5. Click on Refund Method and choose – Bank Account (Direct Deposit) to set up your account.

Note: You may choose the paper check option.  Paper checks will be issued in the student’s name unless otherwise requested in writing by the student.

Title IV Refund

Students have the option of applying their Title IV federal aid toward all charges (including miscellaneous charges such as library fines and room damage charges) or only toward tuition and required fees. Students indicate their preference by completing the Title IV Authorization section of the Financial Responsibility Agreement.

Students who receive Title IV are eligible to receive a refund for books and supplies if they have a credit balance and if their Title IV has been credited to their account.  Students should view their disbursements in FAOnline. If Title IV has disbursed, they should contact the Bursar’s Office regarding their refund.

NOTE: Title IV financial aid for a current academic year cannot be used to cover a balance greater than $200.00 from a prior academic year.  You will need to work with Financial Aid or the Bursar’s Office to resolve your past due balance.

Parent Plus Loan Refunds

If a credit balance results from the disbursement of a Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loan the refund will be issued to the parent unless otherwise requested in writing by the parent. Parents indicate their preference by checking a box on the loan application or by completing the CREDIT BALANCE REQUEST FORM for Federal Direct PLUS. If you choose to have the credit balance issued to the parent, we will process this refund in the form of a paper check - these credit balances are not eligible for direct deposit.

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