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Brooks Landing Business Center
RC Box 278958
910 Genesee Street, Suite 200
Rochester, NY  14611-3847

Accounts Payable is responsible for (non-CWO) payments to vendors, requests for payment and travel & conference reimbursements. The unit is broken down into customer service teams, please call the Accounts Payable Customer Service number below for assistance and select the appropriate option from our automated system.   

Accounts Payable ManagerMarta Herman, (585) 275-7880             

Fax # (585) 256-0923

Accounts Payable Customer Service

(585) 275-3483 *

All invoices and requests for payment, Canceled checks, charges to ledgers, and inquiries regarding a check you have received

Select phone option 1 *

Travel/Conference forms, moving expenses, American Express Corporate Card, and Fedex billing issues

Select phone option 2 *

Taxable payments and outstanding checks

Select phone option 3 *