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When are W-9 forms necessary?
A W-9 is required when payments are made to individuals and unincorporated companies that have provided services. This provides us information for submitting our 1099s at year-end so that we are in compliance and can avoid penalties.
How do I put more money on my purchase order?
Fill out a 312 Requisition and forward the form to the Purchasing Department, 70 Goler House (RC Box278901).
How do I transfer charges between departments (since the University does not write checks to itself)?
A memo requesting the transfer along with a copy of the ledger or Impromptu report (with dates, transaction IDs, reference #s, descriptions, and amounts highlighted) should be sent to:

     Ledger 5 - Office of Research Accounting and Costing Standards
     Batch Reference of APD or APC - Accounts Payable, RC 278958 or fax 256-0923 
     All others - General Accounting, RC 278958
What is the mileage reimbursement for travel and conferences?
Mileage is reimbursed at 55.5 cents per mile. (effective July 1, 2011)
What is the turnaround time for a Request For Payment?
It takes, on average, 3-6 working days from the time an RFP is received at Accounts Payable until the payment is mailed. Refer to POLICIES - Request for Payment for more detailed information.
When should I use a T&C form versus the RFP form?
T&C forms should be used for employee food and travel reimbursement. An RFP is used for non-employee travel reimbursement, conferences, license registration, and other expenses not processed under a purchase order.
When should I use an RFP versus a purchase order?
RFPs are used for one-time purchases. Purchase orders are used for multiple purchases or purchases with the same vendor that recur over a period of time. One important exception to this rule is that consultants/independent contractors should always follow the Request For Services process (found at Forms Bank) even if it is for a single event/service.
What subcode do I use?
Please refer to:

     POLICIES - Subsidiary Ledger Sub Code Listing 

Accounts Payable cannot assign subcodes for departments.
Is it necessary to pick up a vendor check from Accounts Payable?
No. It is preferred that all checks be mailed directly to vendors from Accounts Payable.
What is the University's Employer/Tax ID number?
If you need the University's Employer/Tax ID number, which is used similarly to your personal social security number, please use Form W-9 and contact Financial Reporting.
What form do I use to make interdepartmental purchases?
Fill out a 312 Requisition and send it to the department you are ordering from.