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Office of Research Accounting and Costing Standards (ORACS)

Brooks Landing Business Center

RC Box 278958
910 Genesee Street, Suite 200
Rochester, NY 14611-3847

The Office of Research Accounting and Costing Standards is responsible for oversight of post-award administration and indirect cost accounting.  Oversight includes, but is not limited to, providing consistent and high quality financial stewardship, policy interpretation and compliance assurance to the University's research community, federal sponsoring agencies, and other non-federal sponsors. 

Assistant Controller

Jeff Sullivan(585) 275-1648

Research Accounting Managers

Terry Messenger(585)
Jonathan Peterson(585) 275-7864

Senior Accountants

Ashleigh Mallory(585)
Meaghan Engelbrecht(585)

Staff Accountants

Rebecca Dennis(585) 275-3582
Rachel Hains(585)
Shirley Liu(585)
Scott Walker(585)
Erin Doyle(585)
Amber Baldie(585)

Cost Analysts

Jim Rutalis(585)
Susan Stillman(585)
Christina Van Lare(585) 

Cash/Collections Senior Accountant

Christina DeClerck


Cash Accountant

Holly DeJohn(585)

Accounting Bookkeeper

Lisa Julian(585)



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