University of Rochester

2009-10 Financial Statement Highlights

Balance Sheet Highlights

bar chart: Total Net Assets

Consolidated Balance Sheets as of June 30, 2010 and 2009

($ in thousands)20102009
Cash and cash equivalents$  205,721$  135,447
Operating investments, at market243,644182,153
Collateral held for securities lending79,28362,062
Accounts receivable, net307,369276,444
Inventories, prepaid expenses and deferred charges49,99947,794
Contributions receivable, net47,30157,004
Notes receivable, net48,16319,566
Other assets12,74812,044
Investments held for long-term purposes1,563,8471,414,464
Property, plant and equipment, net1,401,0381,349,270
Interest in net assets of foundation12,37011,653
Investments in perpetual trusts held by others43,11940,691
Total Assets$4,014,602$3,608,592
Liabilities and Net Assets 
   Accounts payable and accrued expenses295,987$259,230
   Advance receipt of sponsored research revenues23,12926,190
   Deferred revenue51,50751,306
   Third-party settlements payable, net92,56762,181
   Securities lending liabilities 79,28363,390
   Accrued pension, post-retirement, post-employment obligations283,562258,013
   Long-term debt772,951643,734
   Asset retirement obligation17,90717,326
   Refundable U.S. Government grants for student loans15,94215,984
Total Liabilities1,632,8351,397,354
Net assets:  
   Temporarily restricted179,572178,666
   Permanently restricted324,928308,211
Total Net Assets2,381,7672,211,238
   Total Liabilities and Net Assets4,014,602$3,608,592