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Why Give

Your gifts to the University of Rochester provide resources that are essential in sustaining the University’s excellence in teaching, research, and health care. From the mid-nineteenth century to today, the generosity of donors and friends has been vital to maximizing the university’s impact on the local, national and global communities it serves. Support to any part of the University advances the whole and, ultimately, the University’s ability to transform lives and improve the world.

Your generosity during these challenging economic times is especially appreciated. Today more than ever before, your support affects people’s lives in a direct and immediate way. Whether providing scholarships for students, helping families through our community programs, or support to our hospitals, you can make a real difference in the lives of the people we serve.

Learn about your impact. Your support helps make great things happen! Your Annual fund contribution will support these areas and more:

Student Scholarships

Annual funds help the most promising students to attend the University of Rochester, as more than half require some form of financial aid.

Outstanding Faculty

Annual funds help the University to attract and retain the most dedicated and talented faculty in the world.

Academic Excellence

Annual funds make it possible for the University to offer innovative, forward-thinking programs that prepare students to solve the world’s current and future problems.


Annual funds enable the University to renovate and enhance facilities and maintain excellence in its libraries, laboratories, equipment, technology, health care facilities and more.

Medical Research

Annual funds help University researchers and clinical scientists discover groundbreaking cures for disease and help people live healthier lives.

Health Care

Annual funds make it possible for University physicians, researchers, and caregivers to cure and provide cutting-edge care for the simplest of injuries to the most debilitating of diseases.

Art and Culture

Annual funds enable the artistic expression and appreciation of works of music, literature, and art by bringing guest lecturers and artists to Rochester, and supporting performances and presentations that enrich our community.