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As Young Alumni, you matter.  Your gift to the University of Rochester Annual Fund is vital. Why?  Your gift increases the value of your University of Rochester degree.  How? US News and World Report factors alumni giving participation into their rankings of the Best Colleges in America.  By making a gift of any size, you are helping elevate the University of Rochester’s national ranking, and this improves the value of YOUR degree.

Distinguish yourself among Rochester’s Young Alumni.  By joining the George Eastman Circle, you will be part of the next generation of University leaders.  Associate Membership is exclusive to graduates of the last decade and carries all of the prestige of a full George Eastman Circle membership.  The critical Annual Fund support provided by our members makes an immediate and lasting impact. 

Give back to what matters most.  You choose where to direct your gift at the University of Rochester. “Support Your Passion” and choose from over 200 different areas of the University to impact with your gift, such as: 

Young Alumni are essential to the University of Rochester’s future. With your support, the University can ensure that current and future students have their own, unique Rochester Experience.  Please consider making a gift today, and help keep the spirit of “Meliora” alive for generations to come.

Thank you to those who have already made an Annual Fund gift this year to the University of Rochester.