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Club Sports are organizations initiated and controlled by students, with elected officers. Each club has a coach/advisor who assists the group when needed. The Club Sports Program is jointly advised by the Department of Athletics & Recreation and the Office of Student Activities. Both Departments assist interest groups in organizing, administering, and scheduling.

The governing body of the club sports program is the Club Sport Council which is comprised of one member from each registered club. The Council provides guidance, financial support, and services.


The Club Sports Program at the University of Rochester, administered by the Department of Athletics & Recreation and the Student's Association, has over 35 different registered club sports. Each club is formed, developed, governed, and administered by the student membership of that particular club working with the Club Sports Program staff and an advisor and/or coach who offer professional guidance to the clubs. The key to the success of this program and each club is student leadership, interest, involvement and participation.

What are Club Sports?

A club sport is an organization that has been formed by individuals who are motivated by a common interest and desire to participate in a particular sport activity. More specifically, club sports are formed so the participants in each club sport can learn new skills, improve existing skills, engage in competition, or enjoy recreational and social fellowship. Other important features of the Club Sports Program which make it unique are: self motivation, self administration, self-support, and self regeneration. Club Sports at the University of Rochester may be instructional, recreational, and/or competitive. All club sports are expected to generate income to support their activities through membership dues and/or fundraising.

Club Sports Council

The purpose of the Club Sports Council is to allow club sports to function effectively with the Department of Athletics & Recreation, Student's Association, the University of Rochester, and the surrounding community. The Council is designed to provide leadership for and coordination of recognized club sports through implementation of the policies and procedures set forth in the club sports manual. The Council is comprised of the president, business manager, secretary, and caucus members that represent the membership of the clubs.


All full-time students attending the University of Rochester are eligible for membership in a club sport. All recognized club sports must have at least 10 members who are undergraduate students attending the University of Rochester on a full-time basis. In addition, club sports may open their membership to graduate students, faculty, staff, and friends of the University, providing these memberships are limited to no more than 25% of the total membership and the individual must pay a special membership fee.

Medical Insurance

It is required by the Club Sports Program that all members of club sports have adequate medical insurance coverage while participating in any club related activity. Each club member is responsible for arranging insurance coverage. Adequate insurance should include coverage for injuries incurred while participating in club activities and during periods of travel to and from such activities.

Neither the University of Rochester nor the Club Sports Program accepts any responsibility for ill health or injury sustained while participating in any of the programs. No medical or ambulance expenses incurred by a participant will be paid by the Club Sports Program or by the University. Participation is on a voluntary basis.

The Club Sports Program purchases a catastrophic insurance policy. The nature and severity of the injury will determine the implementation of the catastrophic insurance coverage. The catastrophic insurance policy covers only those individuals registered for academic credit at the University of Rochester.

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