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Membership Benefits

2013 - 2014 Annual Membership Fees

(effective 7/1/13)

Full-Time UR Student$0$122
Part-time Student
UR Alumni
Retired Faculty/Staff$115$60
Friend of University$450$250

Annual Rate Memberships (Full Amount) expire one year from the date of purchase.

Annual Rate Membership (Full Amount) fees are not eligible to be prorated or reimbursed.

To activate the R Club membership all members must have a Statement of Risk on file and a valid University of Rochester ID card.  If you do not have a Statement of Risk an/or a UR ID card, you may not be allowed into theGoergen Athletic Center.

Any additional secondary member must be a spouse, partner or a dependent under age of 22 years.

Separation from the University will result in the termination of your membership.

To cancel or to change your membership information, please contact the Membership Office at (585) 275-6277 or

Payroll Deduction Payment Option

Payroll Deduction is available to all UR employees. Payroll deduction may include a locker. Once payroll deduction is initiated it is the responsibility of the employee to notify the R Club office to make any changes to the deduction. You are able to cancel the payroll deduction at any time.

Payroll Deduction Rate Memberships (paycheck deduction) will continue (rollover) until you contact the R Club Office to change or cancel your membership.

Payments are accepted in cash, credit card (MasterCard or VISA,) by check (payable to the University of Rochester R Club) or by payroll deduction (see below.)

Separation from the University will result in the termination of your membership.

The following is a breakdown of the payroll deduction schedule (effective 7/1/13):

Deduction CategoryYearly RateMonthlySemi-Monthly/Bi-Weekly
Primary Member$230.00$19.17$9.58
Primary Member + Full Locker$280.00$23.33$11.67
Primary Member + Half Locker$270.00$22.50$11.25
Primary Member + Secondary Member$352.00$29.33$14.67
Pri. Mem. + Sec. Mem. + Full Locker$402.00$33.50$16.75
Pri. Mem. + Sec. Mem. + Half Locker$392.00$32.67$16.33
Pri. Mem. + Sec. Mem. + 2 Full Locker$452.00$37.67$18.83
Pri. Mem. + Sec. Mem. + 2 Half Locker$432.00$36.00$18.00
Pri. Mem. + Sec. Mem. + 1 Full + 1 Half$442.00$36.83$18.42

Locker Rentals

Annual Rental: Facility users may rent a locker for year use. There are two locker rooms: the Hajim Alumni Gym or the Goergen Athletic Center. The former is located adjacent to the Bloch Fitness Center and the latter is located in close proximity to the Speegle-Wilbraham pool. Locker rentals are accepted at the Front Desk.

Day Use: A limited number of lockers are available in the hallways for one-day-only use. These lockers can be secured by personal locks. Any items left in these lockers overnight, including personal locks, will be removed. The Department of Athletics and Recreation does not assume responsibility for items left in any lockers.

Locker Rental Fees (One year rental with towel service):

Locker SizeAnnualSemester


Questions or concerns contact:

University of Rochester R Club

Wendy Andreatta, Assistant Director

Ladi Iya, Assistant Director

Kristine Shanley, Associate Director

Robert B. Goergen Athletic Center
Rochester, NY 14627