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Faculty and Staff

Pre-Major and Major Advisors

We recognize how many career related questions can come up while advising students and encourage advisers to explore the following resources. Advisors can also to refer students to our office for more information.

Along with the resources available through the advisor handbook , the Gwen M. Greene Career & Internship Center has several resources that might be of interest to you and your students.

Exploring Careers and Majors

Covers various services offered at the Career Center focused on helping students identify “what do I want to do?”, “what should I major in?”, and “what can I do with that major?” questions.

What can I do with this major?

This site allows advisors, students and parents to explore career options by major. The site covers most majors and/or career fields and each major includes information on various industries, employer types, and strategies for success.

Career and Internship Center Seminar Series

Offered every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday during the academic semester, career and internship center counselors cover a variety of topics for students from freshman through graduate students, in all academic majors.

Faculty and staff can also request specific programming customized to their students.