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The Frederick Douglass Institute for African and African-American Studies is pleased to announce an internal faculty fellowship.  This is a College-wide program that encourages faculty who wish to broaden their scholarship to include the study of African and/or African-American life and culture. The program is open to full-time tenured faculty with primary appointments in  Arts, Sciences and Engineering.  Faculty will be released from departmental obligations for one semester and reside at the Frederick Douglass Institute where they will participate in Institute programming and work on their own research.  In addition, faculty fellows will collaborate with predoctoral and postdoctoral fellows to develop a bi-weekly seminar series.

With the exception of external funding and the fixed location, these internal faculty fellowships follow the same requirements as any academic leave. Application forms specific for the FDI Internal Fellowship are available at FDI office or FDI website. Applicants should also refer to the Academic Leave guidelines available on the ASE intranet for general guidance. The project narrative should be explicit in outlining how focused time within FDI will be important in meeting specific scholarly goals.  Completed applications should be provided to the department chair no later than February 1, 2015, and, if recommended by the chair, the total leave packet should be forwarded to the Frederick Douglass Institute by February 15, 2015 for evaluation.  The Deans office will have final approval of the fellowships.   

A written evaluation from the Faculty Fellow, submitted to the Director of FDI with copies to the chair and dean, is required at the conclusion of the semester summarizing the research accomplished, as well as participation in the Institute’s programming.