Office of Minority
Student Affairs

About Us

OMSA Office Staff

Our staff come from diverse ethnic backgrounds: African-American, Hispanic and Caucasian. Some of us grew up in Rochester or New York State, while others have relocated here.

Our college experiences are as diverse as our cultures. On our staff we have individuals who majored in such fields as African American studies, American Studies, Business Administration, Counseling, Economics, Psychology, Sociological Studies, Sociology, Social Work and Spanish. Our degrees and the colleges that we attended vary widely.

Each of us has a great deal to offer students, and we would welcome the opportunity to meet each of you. Please stop by the Office of Minority Student Affairs in 2161 Dewey Hall to get to know us better.

Current Staff

Norman Burnett

Burnett, Norman

Assistant Dean and Director | (585) 275-0651
2161 Dewey Hall

Linda Colburn

Colburn, Linda

Administrative Assistant | (585) 275-0651
2161 Dewey Hall

Thomas Crews

Crews, Thomas

Academic Program Coordinator | (585) 275-7277
2161 Dewey Hall

Claudia De Leon

De Leon, Claudia

Academic Program Coordinator | (585) 273-2806
2161 Dewey Hall

Sasha Eloi

Eloi, Sasha

Academic Program Coordinator | (585) 275-3157
2161 Dewey Hall

Walisa Griffin

Griffin, Walisa

Academic Program Coordinator | (585) 275-0651
2161 Dewey Hall


Mitchell, Zuri

Office Coordinator | (585) 275-8628
2161 Dewey Hall