Nora Rubel

Nora Rubel

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Nora Rubel is an Associate Professor in the Department of Religion and Classics, and is the Director of the Susan B. Anthony Institute for Gender and Women's Studies. Rubel specializes in American religious history; American Judaism; African American religion; Black Judaisms; religion and foodways; ethnicity and immigration; new religious movements; religion and gender; representations of religion and gender in literature; religion and popular culture. Her first book is entitled "Doubting the Devout: The Ultra-Orthodox in the Jewish American Imagination" (Columbia University Press, 2010). Rubel is also the co-editor of "Religion, Food and Eating in North America" (Columbia University Press, 2014). Currently, she is completing the book “Recipes for the Melting Pot: The Lives of The Settlement Cook Book”, which is in progress at Columbia University Press.

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