University of Rochester

Department of Art & Art History—Faculty

Teaching Faculty

Janet Catherine Berlo
Professor of Art History/Visual and Cultural Studies | (585) 275-4168

Interests: Native American art history and museum representation of Native peoples; Plains Indian drawings; Native women and art; history of American quilts.

Peter Christensen
Assistant Professor of Art History
516 Morey Hall | (585) 276-7173

Interests: 19th and 20th century architectural history, particularly of central and southeastern Europe and the Middle East, geopolitical theory and its impact on architecture, historicism, history and aesthetics of infrastructure and industry, critical digital humanities, cartography and architecture.

Elizabeth Cohen
Associate Professor of Art | (585) 273-5998
Sage Art Center

Interests: Contemporary art and video production; critical theory; experimental film; three-dimensional media; new media production.

Douglas Crimp
Fanny Knapp Allen Professor of Art History
Professor of Visual and Cultural Studies | (585) 273-5622
518 Morey Hall (In residence fall semesters only)

Interests: Contemporary art, criticism, and theory; sexuality and representation.

Paul Duro
Professor of Art History/Visual and Cultural Studies
Interm Chair Department of Art and Art History - Spring 2013
Humanities Project Committee | (585) 275-9262
522 Morey Hall

Interests: Art institutions in France; theory and practice of imitation in art; history of painting and hierarchy of genres.

Rachel Haidu
Associate Professor of Art History
Director of the Program in Visual and Cultural Studies | (585) 275-4112
520 Morey Hall

Interests: Postwar American and European Art, history of photography.

Rachael Hetzel
Lecturer in Art | (585) 273-5994
Sage Art Center

Interests: Printmaking, artist books, drawing, memory, storytelling, nostalgia
Websites: and

Heather Layton
Senior Lecturer in Art | (585) 275-3832
Sage Art Center

Interests: Contemporary art, painting, art as activism; storytelling, magical realism, Mexican religious art; democratic dialogue, intrinsic motivation.

Evelyne Leblanc-Roberge
Assistant Professor of Art | (585) 273-5567
Sage Art Center

Interests: Photography, Installation, Space, Trompe l'oeil, Perception, Video, Digital Art, Frame Theory, Representation.

Cary Peppermint
Assistant Professor of Art | (585) 273-5994
Sage Art Center

Interests: Exploring the convergence of ecological, cultural, and digital networks, through a post-disciplinary practice with strong ties to internet and performance art.

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A. Joan Saab
Associate Professor of Art History/Visual and Cultural Studies
Chair of the Department of Art and Art History | (585) 275-7922

Interests: Twentieth-century American history, media and culture; urban and community studies; popular culture.

Grace Seiberling
Associate Professor of Art History
Undergraduate Advisor for Art History | (585) 275-4169
523 Morey Hall

Interests: Nineteenth-century painting and photography, especially Impressionism; early British photography; museums.

Allen C. Topolski
Associate Professor of Art
Undergraduate Advisor for Studio Art | (585) 273-5994
Sage Art Center

Interests: Studio production that incorporates found materials and a variety of processes.

David Walsh
Professor of Art History | (585) 275-4285
414 Morey Hall

Interests: Monastic art and archeology; medieval ecclesiastical architecture; the medieval house; the transmission of information in the Middle Ages; medieval church furniture; antiquarian views of medieval architecture in England.

Sharon Willis
Professor of Art History and Visual and Cultural Studies
Director of the Film and Media Studies Program | (585) 273-5621
517 Morey Hall

Interests: feminist theory, film theory and visual analysis, cultural studies, modern French literature and literary theory.

Professor Emeritii

Carl Chiarenza
Fanny Knapp Allen Professor Emeritus of Art History
Artist in Residence | (585) 442-1751

Diran K. Dohanian
Professor Emeritus of Art History

Arch Miller
Professor Emeritus of Art

Michael Venezia
Professor Emeritus of Art