University of Rochester

Graduate Students in Visual & Cultural Studies

Alexandra Alisauskas
Interests: Contemporary art and critical theory, eastern european art, communism and post-communism, collectivity in art

Joel Neville Anderson
Interests: Domestic Dramas (“shoshimin-eiga” or “shomin-geki”), Early Film, Film Production Methodologies, Film Theory, Genre, Independent Cinema, Japanese Cinema, Japanese New Wave (“Nuberu bagu”), National Cinemas, Noise Music, Self-produced Films (“jishu eiga”)

Hend Alawadhi
Interests: Images of trauma and war, representation of Arab and Middle Eastern culture in film and photography, post-colonialism, feminism and gender studies, interactive design, film theory, archival theory.

Tiffany Barber
Interests: contemporary art with an emphasis on the expressions and theorizations of post/blackness and afrofuturism, politics of identity performance, theories of publics and public space, intersections between visual and literary practices, histories of exhibition and curatorial practices

Rebecca Burditt
Interests: race and representation in photojournalism, visual culture in the American 1950's

Alicia Chester
Interests: Photography history and theory, feminist history and theory, critical theory, temporality, theatricality, art-making as research, building creative communities through collaboration

Ryan Conrath
Interests: Histories and theories of film/photography, the body, montage, critical theory

Lauren DiGiulio
Interests: Modern and contemporary art, performance, phenomenology of language, concrete poetry, symbolism, interiority

Eitan Freedenberg
Interests: Critical geography; Appalachian craft, folklore, and foodways; vernacular architecture; heritage production; living history and architectural museums; postmodern tourisms; Fordism and labor; baseball

Victoria Gao
Interests: Twentieth century American and French street photography; naturalism and realism in narrative film; issues of privacy and candidness; urban spectatorship; and intersections between film and photography.

Abigail Glogower
Interests: history of communications technology, intersections of literary and visual representation, early history of photography, technology and affect, and historicity and historical change.

Berin Golonu
Interests: Orientalist photography and painting, late Ottoman history, Turkish and Arab modern and contemporary art,visual constructs of national identity, landscapes of the technological sublime.

Amanda Graham
Interests: Postwar American dance and art; relational aesthetics; history of photography; history of film; community-based activism; cities; curatorial practice.

Jiangtao (Harry) Gu
Interests: Performance Studies, Gender and Queer Studies, Feminism, Communicative Capitalism, the Body, Intimacy and Love, Labour/Work, and Contemporary China.

Alicia Guzman
Interests: installation art, the Baroque, urban and personal space, memory, everyday objects, identity politics, historiography and museum studies

Jessica Horton
Interests: Modern and contemporary art, Native American art history, race and ethnic studies, post-colonial theory, space and memory

Kyoung Lae Kang
Interests: film theory, post-colonialism and national cinema, theorizing Korean pop culture and cinema.

Daisuke Kawahara
Interests: Film history and theory, media archaeology, convergence culture, contemporary American cinema, Japanese cinema.

Yuichiro Kugo
Dissertation Title: "The Transvisible Subjectivity in Yayoi Kusama, On Kawara and Radioactive Vision in the U.S. Minimal and Conceptual Art"
Advisors: Rachel Haidu and Douglas Crimp
Interests: Contemporary Art and Criticism

Erin Leary
Interests: architecture, interior and product design; home economics; gender and consumption; 19th and 20th century American culture.

Sohl Lee
Interests: institutional critique, feminism, globalization, and contemporary art from Asia.

Kelly Long
Interests: Contemporary art and critical theory, identity politics, space and memory, dialectical utopianism, artist books

Yaxin (Sophia) Ma

Alexander Marr
Interests: Native North American Art, American Modernisms, History of Anthropology; Ddissertation: "Aesthetics of Dwelling: Native Architecture in American Visual Culture."

Jessica McDonald
Interests: history of photography, photographically-illustrated books, museum studies.

Tara Najd Ahmadi

Jenevive Nykolak 
Interests: Abstraction and abstract painting, postwar European art, historiography of the avant-garde, modernism and museum studies, technical art history, and  queer theories of temporality.

Shota Ogawa
Interests: diaspora cinema (fiction and documentary films by/about Koreans in Japan), postcolonial and translation studies, media archaeology, digital cinephilia,   sociology of generations and cultural heritage,   technological/industrial history of cinema (color, sound, and speed), cinema in Occupied Japan, and Transnational East Asian visual cultures.

Christopher Patrello
Interests: Native American Art History, cross-cultural exchange, object/agent networks, consumption, museum studies

Paula Pinto
Dissertation Title: "Photography as a Form of Art Reproduction"
Advisor(s): Douglas Crimp and Paul Duro
Interests: history of photography: photographic publications and magazines, the photographic museum

Zainab Saleh
Interests: graphic novels, image-word relations, Middle Eastern cinema, women's photography and film

Tracy Stuber
Interests:  modern and contemporary art, critical theory, media theory, historiography, photography between the artistic and the vernacular, haptics and phenomenology, rocks

Patrick Sullivan
Interests: Film Philosophy, Globalization, Cinematic Representation of Space and Time, Thai Cinema, Early Cinema, and Film Sound.

Stephanie Wolf

Cesare Wright
Interests: Ethnographic and documentary film; visual anthropology; 'truth' in representation; the sublime; transnational and diasporic communication

Ruben Yepes Munoz
Interests:  Contemporary Colombian and Latin American political art,representations of armed conflict in Colombian visual culture,theories of art and politics,critical theory, post-Marxism, post-colonial theory.

Lina Zigelyte
Interests: Visuality; performance theory; Communism and cultural memory; site-specific art; urban space; critical theory; gender theory

Iskandar Zulkarnain
Interests: Postcolonial theories and literatures, new media assemblages, electronic literatures, open source philosophies and practices, non-linear counter-culture movements, theories and practices of emergent identities, and "left-over" cultures.