Tips and FAQs


  • What resources are available to help me build a program?
    • Start with the Center for Education Abroad. We can give you advice and recommendations on a host of program dimension, including best practices, third party provider contacts, and university policies
  • What makes a successful program? 
    • Well developed student learning outcomes, study tour locations, proposals submitted within CEA established deadlines, and engagement with students from the faculty member during
    • promotion and recruitment 
  • How many credits typically are granted for a program?
    • For undergraduate programs in the College of Arts, Sciences, and Engineering credit ranges from 4-6 credits 
  • What is the general program fee for a program?
    • The general program fee ranges from $3,750 for a 4-credit course;  to $4,900 for a 6-credit course
  • Why is the proposal deadline so early? 
    • The most time-consuming part of the faculty-led process is promoting it to students in order to gain the minimum number of students needed for you to make it happen.  Rochester deadlines are set about a year in advance to allow time for review, approval, and marketing the program as widely as possible 
  • Am I fully responsible for the students while on-site? 
    • Faculty directors are the primary point of contact for students during their program abroad; Faculty must be willing and available to assist with and respond to both academic and personal needs in the event of an emergency 
  • Are scholarships available to my group?
    • Yes. CEA staff will provide you with information on both need and merit-based scholarship options

Interested in learning more? Set at time to meet with Theodore Pagano, associate director. 

Ladakh Summer 2019

    Image:  Nabila Mella,  Ladakh, Summer 2019