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Propose a Partnership

Exchange programs are bilateral partnerships that allow undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty to swap places between two institutions. Usually, no tuition is charged to either party in the agreement. Bilateral agreements can include classes, research, internships, and other experiential learning opportunities.

Direct enroll programs are unilateral partnership agreements that allow students and faculty to spend time at one of the institutions but with no required reciprocation. In this case, the sending institution will be charged for tuition by the host institution, if applicable. Direct enrollment programs can become exchange programs in the future, if there is interest on both parties.

Types of Partnerships

  • Cooperative agreements 
  • Graduate and undergraduate student exchanges
  • Faculty exchanges and mobility
  • Collaborative degrees
  • Direct enrollment
  • Visiting undergraduate students, researchers, post-docs, and faculty
  • Research partnerships 

Getting Started

If you are thinking about proposing an exchange partnership, CEA can help. We can start with a consultation to walk you through the process of proposing a partnership, or simply have a conversation about the types of partnerships available. To schedule a consultation, please contact Rohan Palma at

The Office for Global Engagement manages a comprehensive database of existing partnerships and agreements, if you are curious as to whether the University have connections with a specific person, institution, or company, contact the Office for Global Engagement.


  • Duration—The duration of an agreement typically varies. For most agreements, the duration is three to five years with the possibility of renewal.
  • Signatory—Because these are official contracts of the University of Rochester, only those with University signatory permissions may sign. Therefore, it is typically the University provost or president who signs an agreement.
  • Who can propose a partnership on behalf of the University?—University of Rochester faculty and administrators typically propose partnerships on behalf of the University.
  • How long does the formal agreement process take?If approved, the timeline to start accepting/sending students and/or faculty is up to 12 months.