Types of Programs

students abroad on faculty led programs

Center for Education Abroad staff are eager to assist you in planning your program abroad.  There are a few different models of faculty-led or organized programs as you begin to plan your program. What follows are a few examples of how you can incorporate an education abroad program into your departmental offerings.

A Rochester program is defined as an education abroad program directed or organized by a faculty or staff member (or members) from the University of Rochester who may or may not accompany students abroad. May include service, research, internship, specialty, and/or academic coursework components as part of this experience.   The list below includes a few samples of past program models to consider. 

Past Program Models

Program Name

Arezzo: Lisio Italian Studies Program (Department of Modern Languages and Culture)

Spring semester program, Arezzo, Italy 

This program offers a distinctive academic curriculum in Italy that combines a broad spectrum of disciplines. Beyond the academics, the program promotes an intensive cultural experience within the rich social fabric of Italy, especially in Tuscany.

Archaeological Research Program at Chavin de Huantar (Department of Religion and Classics)

Summer program, 7 weeks, Chavin de Huantar, Peru

This program offers students the opportunity to train in archaeological field and laboratory methods in Chavin, including excavation techniques, field documentation, photogammetry, artifact identification and processing, database creation, and artifact analysis.

Archeology of Early America (Department of History)

Spring Break, 7 days, Bermuda

This program is offered as part of a Spring course. Students use the island of Bermuda as a test site, where they apply theoretical understandings of research and methods during Spring Break spent excavating sites on Trunk Island in a community partnership.

Athens: Ancient City, Modern Capital (Department of Religion and Classics)

Spring Break, 7 days, Greece

This program is offered during Spring Break. This program makes use of the material remnants of Athen's past to provide students with a hands-on introduction to the history of Athens and the culture of its people, ancient and contemporary.  Includes visits to museums and archaeological sites.

Centennial Program in Poppi (Department of Modern Languages and Culture)

Summer, 3 weeks, Italy 

The program offers a formal instruction on Italian medieval culture and art -in particular history, history of art and architecture, history of the manuscript, early printed book, and communication media-, conservation and restoration of works on paper (manuscripts, drawings, prints, ancient books), and digital technologies for cultural heritage.

Digital Archaeology of Heritage Buildings of West Africa (Art, Technology and Historical Structures)

Summer, 6 weeks, Ghana

This program is a multidisciplinary field school in Ghana focused on systematic surveying, digital reconstructions, and structural analysis of Elmina Castle. 

Experience Guinea: Exploration in Drumming, Dance, and Historical Context (Program of Dance and Movement)

Winter Break, 3 weeks, Guinea

Program instruction will include rhythmic foundations for drummers and dancers and will build knowledge of the djembe, dundun, sangban, kenkeni, krins and bell and how they are used culturally for music and dance. Students will learn style, form, technique, and historical context of the dance right in the midst of the vibrant culture and landscape of Guinea

French in France (Department of Modern Languages and Culture)

Summer, 4 weeks, Rennes, France

French in France is a month-long conversation and culture course held in Rochester's Breton sister city, Rennes. Students meet in Paris for several days of orientation by University of Rochester program director and travel together to Rennes. Students are hosted by families who provide housing, meals, and opportunities for language and culture encounters

French Sign Language (Department of American Sign Language)

Summer, 4 weeks, Paris France

A unique study abroad experience in France for Deaf and hearing college-level ASL students and professionals. Students will have the opportunity to be immersed in French Sign Language and the French Deaf Community in various settings and further their  understanding of the international Deaf World.

German in Germany (Department of Modern Languages and Culture)

Summer, 4 weeks, Berlin, Germany


Students will experience the excitement of Berlin, historic center of Germany and capital of the re-unified state. Students will devote time to German language classes and individual work; weekends are free for exploring and for excursions to Dresden, Potsdam, and Baltic seashore.

Procida: Summer Service Learning- Lisio Italian Studies Program (Department of Modern Languages and Culture)

Summer, 4 weeks, Procida, Italy

This program is focused on service learning. Students are divided into groups alongside their Italian counterparts in the sustainable social gardens on the island and on the shores of the Mediterranean. Formal Italian instruction and cultural excursions will make up for a fundamental part of the cultural competency segment of this program.

Russian in Russia (Department of Modern Languages and Culture)

Summer, 4 weeks, St. Petersburg, Russia

This program is focused on Russian language and culture in St. Petersburg, Russia. Coursework in grammar, conversation, and culture focus on practical language skills. Excursion includes in and around St. Petersburg, including a weekend trip to Moscow.

San Martino Archaeological Field School (Department of Religion and Classics)

Summer, 4 weeks, Torano di Borgorose, Italy

This program is designed to teach students about archaeological field and laboratory methods and archaeology of ancient Italy. It is taught on site in central Italy, and students learn through first-hand experience excavating at the San Marino site through lab, lecture, readings, and archeological site visits.

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