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IES Abroad Faculty-Led STEM and Language Program Awards

  • The IES Abroad Faculty-Led STEM Program Award will provide funding towards two outstanding, STEM-focused faculty-led programs―the winning institution will receive $15,000 and one runner up will receive $5,000.
  • The IES Abroad Faculty-Led Language Program Award will provide $10,000 in funding towards one outstanding, Language-focused faculty-led program.

University of Nicosia Global Semesters

Faculty-led or customized program proposal for 2022 is open!  University of Nicosia, Cyprus, will support faculty-led programs and assist with programs that otherwise might be unviable on a stand-alone basis for us.

IES Abroad Faculty Development Seminars

IES Abroad Faculty Development Opportunities are designed to bring together U.S. faculty, international faculty, and local experts for an intellectual exchange of ideas. IES Abroad opportunities explore a wide range of academic topics and attract many experts.

DIS Abroad Faculty Seminars

The Faculty Seminar is a forum for collegial dialogue and social interaction within and across the various DIS programs, and it focuses on the pedagogical identity and development of DIS.

Community Engaged Learning Faculty Funding

Launched in 2014, the Community-Engaged Learning Course Operational Grant provides funds to faculty and staff whose projects or courses combine academic learning and community engagement opportunities for undergraduate students in Arts, Sciences and Engineering.


Business Expense and Travel Reimbursement Policy (BETR). Employees seeking reimbursement for business and travel expenses purchased using personal funds are required to comply with the Business Expense and Travel Reimbursement Policy (BETR).

Faculty Highlights

Voyage to Procida Film Premier (facutly members Donna Logan and Frederico Siniscalco) 11/2021

Two Million Dollar Gift Endows Professorship In Italian Studies (faculty member Donatella Stocchi-Perucchio) 10/2021

Jarvis Project will create virtual visits to an African slave fort  (faculty member Michael Jarvis) 9/2021

Research at Rochester: Through texts and city ruins, Remus digs up history  Anna Remus, Class of 2021 8/2020

Student Highlights from Archaeology Field Program in Peru (2019) Deniz Cengiz, Class of 2021 1/2020

Ghana Field School immerses students in ancient forts- and the legacies of slavery (2019)  12/2019

Short-term Study Abroad: The Center for Education Abroad's Hidden Gem (2020) Emily Tworek, Class of 2020

Latin Epigraphy in Rome, Visit Italy over Spring Break (2018) Jackie Heinzelmann, Class of 2018


Want to discuss leading a group abroad? Contact Theodore Pagano, associate director