How to Begin

  1. Explore the following resources to start planning your education abroad experience: 
  2. Meet with an Education Abroad Advisor
    • The Center for Education Abroad continues to support undergraduate students by email or Zoom. If you wish to meet with an advisor, please call (585) 275-7532, email, or schedule a Zoom appointment via our online scheduling system.  
  3. Research destination-specific risks using Worldcue Planner (Net ID required).
  4. Obtain Course Approval.
  5. Get your passport and apply for a visa.
  6. Review transfer credit policies.
  7. Review the checklist for student travelers.
  8. Review health care recommendations and requirements.


  1. Request permission to study abroad.
  2. Apply for financial aid and scholarships.

**Please be advised that some programs have an earlier deadline than 10/01

Preparing to Leave

  1. Prepare to use your email while abroad.
  2. Review the health and safety risks of your host country, using Worldcue Planner (Net ID required).
  3. Learn about the culture in your host country.
  4. Pack and store your belongings.
  5. Complete all pre-departure requirements.