Registering for Study Abroad Status

In order to ensure correct billing, you must register for study abroad by the end of the online registration period before your term abroad. It is essential that you check your registration carefully. Specific study abroad course names and numbers are listed below:


  • SABR 303: Rochester Program
  • SABR 304: Rochester Program (this course section for non-partner programs)
  • Centennial Program in Poppi: SABR 303 and ITAL 208/408 (or any other associated overlapped courses)


  • SABR 301: Study Abroad Partner Program
  • SABR 302: Study Abroad Non-Partner Program (this course section for non-partner programs)
  • [FALL ONLY] ROC Galapagos: SABR 306C: Biology in Galapagos Islands (information on BIOL courses will be posted soon)

Important notes:

  • Your study abroad status/registration may be rescinded for the following reasons:
    • You do not successfully complete pre-departure orientation
    • Your major is not officially declared
    • You are placed on academic or disciplinary probation