Class Memories

learning and "playing" squash
class athletic events
"history" meetings
summer fellowship in Victor DiStefano's pharmacology lab

- Ronald Cole

My first delivery involved a mother of nine children, who seeing me approach her in my short white coat said, "Don't worry honey, I'll get you through this."

- Ronald Ablow

Mosby Scholarship Award (along with David Lewis)

- Robert Crumrine

Rescuing Karin from the Tower of the Highland Park Castle.

- Herb Machleder

Sharing a cadaver with John Wolfe, witnessing Sol Solomon's quick draw, various gatherings with classmates.

- Norman Watt

Favorite Memories:Initial interview with Dr. Whipple; summer fellowships with Paul Yu; times spend with George Engel; BYOB with the married gang; University Park.

- Charles Duvall

So many memories; esp. the total silence and gasp as we opened our test booklets for Board Exam-- then the sound of the coin hitting the floor!!

- Jay Sheridan

Driving to school with Norm Watt, eating hamburgers at Bills, elective in Ped. surg at Boston Children's Hospital, rounding with George Engel, shopping with Robert Berg.

- Gilbert Simon

Favorite memories: Basketball with Fritz and others, anatomy with Charles Tobin (we were in Medical School!), "History Meetings," Graduation

- David Ross

Favorite medical school memories: The camaraderie of classmates and how we were taught to be doctors

- Sam Smith

Favorite memories: friendships; working as diener; really loved it all-spending every major holiday with Elmer Stotz & Family, housemates Tom Muldoon, Fritz Parker

- Robert "Nifty" Newman

Favorite memories: Spent a month at St. Mary's Hospital in London my senior year. Basketball in the Strong gym.

- Fritz Parker

Favorite medical school memory: Both of my children were born at the U of R. My wife shared this experience with two wives of classmates.

- George Nankervis

Favorite medical school memories: George Branch taking us to Palmyra for the Passion play; Jan Hasbrouk's unique way of interpreting things; Rob Clark discussing opthamology as a career

- Percival Chee

Favorite medical school memories: Introduction to clinicial medicine at Strong and the camaraderie of the fellow bachelor medical students class of '62

- Arthur Geltzer

My favorite med school memories were my month spent with Dr. Charles Rob, classes with Dr. George Engel and sailing on Lake Ontario.

- Gilbert Levitt

Favorite medical school memories: Living and working at Genesee Hospital with Temple, Bates, Sheridan, etc., classes in Whipple. Squash at lunch break. Hoping to see you in October!

- Cordell Bahn

Favorite medical school memories include meeting George H. Whipple in the mens room on the first day at U of R Med; Chuck and Chrystie Halsted; Ernie Bates; Fritz Parker and Muldoon; Branch (Chuckles); Al Levine; Bob "Nifty" Newman and his mistaken "identity" with Boris, the Deaner; all the class athletics we did; "eyeing" the attractive nurses while pretending to study in the Miner Library; the incredible nice way I was always treated at Rochester; and a long term friendship with Marilyn Brown

- Sol Solomon

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